July 2007


Clean House

My time in Bloomington is starting to come to a close: In one week I will be sitting on a plane headed to Frankfurt and my return to calling Weimar home.

For now, however, it is time to clean house: get it spotless so that when the owner returns, they find no flaws—or at least as few flaws as are possible with a 16 year old in residence. The maid came today, so it actually looks pretty good right now: the floors are clean, the kitchen counters are spotless, and the bathrooms have been detoxified.

All that’s really left for me to do is make sure that the garden is weeded: something I devoted 30 minutes to earlier today. There’s a patch of garden that is challenging because I have to crawl under a bush to extricate unwanted baby trees, as well as yanking unwanted grass from the middle of ferns and making sure the geranium isn’t dead.

I also started packing my suitcase today—a bit earlier than normal, but I want to make sure that everything fits before I go on my one last shopping spree. It’s a good thing I checked because I realized I needed to make sure I could fit a pair of shoes in the suitcase, and that seriously reduces my flexible space.

Usually I am a bit sad to leave Bloomington—and while I certainly am sad to leave, I have to say I am really looking forward to being in Weimar living my relatively anonymous life—traipsing off to the Weimar Office whenever I like.

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