July 2007



Tonight (Friday night) I did something that I had only seen my friend Mateo do.

Big Prizes if you guess what.

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  • Ed

    I’ll guess you dressed in drag and sang Karaoke.

  • disenchanted

    Stripped in front of a crowd?

  • Ed

    After a complete character study of Mateo I’d like to change my answer too…A Blow Job in the mens room. (Sorry Mateo I’m not judging and there is nothing wrong with mens room sex I should be so lucky)

  • I hope it wasn’t that Ed. And here is why (sing to the song, “My Sharona”:

    gho, gho, gho, gho, ghon-orreah!

    One of my exes used to enjoy engaging in mens room blow jobs and brought that one back to me. Nice, eh?

  • @ed: Never done drag, never seen Mateo do drag. I have seen him do Karaoke.

    @disenchanted: no. Never seen Mateo do that.

    @ed: I have no idea if Mateo’s gotten a BJ in a men’s room–certainly I’ve never seen him get one in a Men’s room.

    @cq: I’m willing to bet that people get gonorrhea from places other than men’s rooms. I doubt that men’s room BJs are any more or less dangerous than hooking up with random strangers off the internet.

    So far nobody is on track.

  • Ed

    I’ll say you rode the bull at the fair.
    I know what CQ is talking about. there is a lot of people out there with STD’s but not telling anybody because they want to get laid. Maybe we need a list like the Pedophiles have. A friend of mine went on a date recently and the guy promised him no sex. My friend had a little too much to drink and soon they were naked in my friends car in the parking lot of a grocery store. My friend pleaded for a rubber but the guy said no way and barebacked my friend even though he didn’t want it that way. Now we are hoping he didn’t catch anything. The guy was a selfish bully IMHO!

  • @ed: I was not at the fair. Randomly, your friend was raped. He could report it to the police, if he wanted.

  • Ed

    You’ve only seen Mateo do it. Now you’ve done it. OMG! you bought something from A&F in the Mall!

  • disenchanted

    Well, what’s the answer?

  • @ed: Friday night at A&F?!

    @disenchanted: until Mateo guesses, the truth will not be revealed here.

  • Jul

    You gave a reacharound to a spider monkey while reciting the pledge of allegiance?

  • B.

    I’ll go out on a limb and say you did Colonel Mustard in the conservatory with a candlestick.

  • @Jul: Had it been a spider-pig, you might have been closer 🙂

    @B: How’d you guess?!

    Clue: I was at a place called “The Unicorn” in Indianapolis.

  • mateo

    I’ve just been letting people guess, just so I can see what people think I might be capable of doing. For the record, I have done drag and karaoke at the same time, but I really can’t imagine Adam doing that. And I’ve never bought anything from Aberzombie. I’m not sure I’d want to guess what you were doing on a Friday night, Adam! Heh.

  • mateo: it’s something you do with incredible frequency and ease… when you are where I was.