August 2007



Today Chicago Anki and I took a trip–starting in Bloomington. The first photo ought to be easy if you know me; the other three might be challenging–I imagine Ed will instantly know the second photo. He’ll probably know the third. The fourth should stump almost everybody.

soma's message

Train Trestle

Dubois County Court House

Ri Ra's door

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  • Ed

    The first photo is of Soma’s coffee shop. The second one is in Greene county the locals callit the Tulip Trussle but it is a Railroad Viaduct. The next one looks like the Jasper courthouse. I don’t know what the last one is. It looks like the entrance to a fancy restaurant.

  • My guesses on the first two would have been similar to Ed, though less specific since I do not remember ever visiting those locations.

    The last one… I’m guessing somewhere in Indianapolis. I have no clue where.

    Also, when do you return to Germany? I have something I’m going to mail over to you soon.

  • disenchanted

    I know, I know … but I can’t tell you. 😉

  • The last one:

    Ri Ra Irish Pub in Evansville?

  • Ed

    I remember gon got a restaurant in Evansville a few years ago. Seems like it had an Irsh pub theme. The food was good. I remember the guy I was with had chicken tenders and he got upset when I said we may as well have gone to McDonalds. Then I got him to laugh by saying well there they still don’t have any McBeer.

  • Ed

    gon got? I meant to say going to a restaurant. I shouldn’t type before 2 cups of coffee.

  • Y’all got the correct answers quickly: soma, the train trestle, the Dubois County Courthouse, and the Ri Ra Irish Pub in Evansville!

    cq: don’t wait for me to return to Germany, I gave you my office address; as it happens I am leaving tomorrow.

  • disenchanted

    Ed, I bet you’re thinking of the Fox and Hound …

    Domoni — how on earth did you guess that was Ri-Ra? Do all Ri-Ra’s look alike inside? I’m curious. ;-D

  • i need to remember that a lot of information (like details) are buried in the coding with each photo… that is one spot where the answers are listed for sure!