August 2007


24 Hours

Delta 767When I am on the cusp of travel, I start playing a mental game: where will I be in 24 hours; or 48 hours. Toward the end of travel, it inverts: Where was I 24 hours ago.

24 hours ago, as I write this on the train to Weimar, I was in asleep in southern Indiana, dreaming about traveling the Interstates to Indianapolis and its airport.

Of course, this is what actually happened on Thursday, and it turns out that this is an exceptionally good trip set up for me: I woke up early and spent the day not sleeping; consequently by the time I got in seat 10A at 5 in Detroit, I was ready to sleep; and sleep I did—more than four hours of sleep on the seven hour flight. I started watching a movie on the plane: Waitress—which seemed more than a bit inane, but served the purpose of putting me to sleep. I have no idea how it ended (or for that matter, what happened in the middle), for when I woke up, it was over.

I wouldn’t say that I am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but usually at this point I am slightly demented—sitting in my seat pretending to read whilst dozing for a few minutes every few minutes.

Happily I am going to be in my flat at noon—at which point I can honestly say, “24 hours ago my alarm clock was going off.”

From the land of bread so soft it can be used as a pillow to a land where bread has Character; from public transportation systems that might take you across town in a day to a land where one has multiple options to get across the country over the course of a day; and from a land where children can be home schooled. That’s not to say that America is all bad. I refilled on all those things that one cannot get in Germany: a trip to Taco Bell, some old-fashioned Wendy’s hamburgers, and deep fat fried Twinkies at the county fair.

It feels a bit surreal to think this at times, but it’s good to be home; and, for now, home is Weimar, Germany. Not only do I miss the bread, I miss the toilet paper

Although, now that I think about it, I am going on holiday for four nights in a week and a half, so I am barely going to be back in Germany before making a run for the border, and there will be no Taco Bell.

4 comments to 24 Hours

  • disenchanted

    Geez, I kind of liked “Waitress.” I really like that guy who played the doctor (although he was much sexier in “Firefly”) and I really was humored by the names of the pies. Hmmm. Maybe it’s just a chick flick.

  • J

    Welcome home. We’ve improved the weather for a few days in honor of your return.

    The acceptance part of your post struck home with me – I posted a similar thing when I returned from Thailand in Jan.

  • i am glad you are back “home” all safe_say hey to weimar for me and safe travels to armenia!
    greets from chicaGAGA_go

  • @disenchanted: it might be better than I give it credit for–however I was tired and I did fall completely asleep during the film.

    @J: Vielen Dank! I really appreciate it!

    @Anki: It’s good to be home! I hope you have a good stay in Chicago