August 2007


Weimar in August

Goethe & SchillerWeimar hasn’t really changed in my absence—really the only news of note, that I’ve identified, is that the city’s number one photographed monument in Theaterplatz, the statues of Goethe and Schiller, are being renovated and are under wraps.

It seems odd to me that the powers would chose to renovate the statues at the height of tourist season, particularly when the city’s economy is built upon the legacy of Goethe and Schiller: the Schiller Haus, the Goethe Garten Haus, The Goethe Haus, and other closely related Goethe-things (e.g. the Goethe Café and the Goethe Pharmacy).

In my two days back, I’ve already rediscovered walking—there’s no need for a car here, and my feet will complain about it: they’ve gotten a bit on the soft side. I shall need to break them in more gently. I had my first Thüringen Bratwurst today—something I adore, but now that I’ve had it, probably not to be repeated anytime in the near future. The only other local food I have a yearning for right now is döner, but that’s not on today’s agenda—I just know that I will have one sometime in the next week or so.

Yesterday I even made it to the Weimar Office—where I had a coffee while reading this week’s Economist. Chicago Anke was not there to serve—she’s abroad for a spell.

Gossip: I heard through the rumor mill that Swoon Boy is probably gay. This is interesting news since I’ve never forgotten him and because he has re-entered my idle thoughts quite a bit of late. Now all I need to figure out is how to engineer a meeting that doesn’t make me look stalkerish.

3 comments to Weimar in August

  • Ed

    Now is not the time to be timid. I say go for it with this guy. The saddest words of tongue or pen are this, “it might have been.” Good Luck!

  • I just hope The Police, “Every Breath You Take” is not playing in the background when you finally meet Swoon Boy.

    That would be freaky and awkward.

  • @ed: I need to think about how to do it carefully: although I am based in Weimar now, I am not always here and a fair amount of August is prebooked….

    @cq: I doubt it will be playing, thankfully.