August 2007


Wedding Season

I hadn’t realized it until this year, but August is wedding season.

By the end of this month, two of my hetero-friends will be formally hitched to the woman/man of his/her choice. I’ll be attending one of the two weddings—the one here in Germany, as opposed to the one in Denmark.

Strangely enough this will be only the third wedding I’ve ever attended; the first was when I was in Middle School and was for my sister. The second was in Gillette, Wyoming, while I was at the University of Wyoming. In the later, I was a groomsman.

I still haven’t found the perfect gift—although gifts are discouraged. I don’t even know what I will be wearing yet as the bride and groom will be dressed “naturally” (their word, not mine).

9 comments to Wedding Season

  • Oh my God! You’re going to a nudist wedding… if only the US were so liberated.

  • HaHa. do u really mean a nudist wedding, adam, do they really mean that?- i am not sure, but if that’s the fact u wouldn’t have to worry about anything to wear – just go “naturally”

  • Ooohhh a nudist wedding… sounds fun and does the guest have to don also the same outfit?

  • @cq: I imagine there are places in the US where one could hold a nudist wedding… There are places in Germany too, but I suspect the Schloß Leuchtenburg is not one such place.

    @anke: I was only quoting the invitation, under “Costumes/Clothing” — “Everyone should dress as he or she feels comfortable – from jeans to a suit. For us, we will be ‘naturally’ dressed.” I suspect I’ll just reflect the weather: boiling hot, lighter clothing, cool–warmer clothing. It lasts until 2am.

    @chase: if it were a nudist wedding… i would see naked girls. That is, for me, fundamentally, unnatural.

  • Ed

    Do Bride’s wear white in Germany? I think maybe they meant customarily instead of naturally.

  • I make one little off-handed comment and everyone else ran with it. Amusing.

  • @ed: I do believe that brides do traditionally wear white, for the same reasons brides wear white in America.

    @cq: I think the word “naturally” invited it — had you not started it, somebody else would have. Trust me when I say that the bride and groom have heard the comments many times verbally in person.

  • Ed

    We are quick to jump on anything out of the ordinary. By we I mean us Queers. We will look at a nude Bride if it means also seeing a nude Groom. I don’t think I would want to see a nude audience. either they would be all sweaty or it would be cold in the air conditioning. Shrinkage. Some people shouldn’t go nude ever. I’m one of them.

  • Groom

    This is the groom of the aforementioned wedding. “Naturally” we will not be naked, even though that would be legal here in Germany. We will also not be in the traditional dark suit and white dress. What we will wear is a non-traditional surprise and will be revealed at the wedding.