August 2007


Minor Changes Ahead

Last month, after J of Germany Doesn’t Suck did it, I submitted my name to the friendly gals at “So Many Blogs, So Little Time.”

It’s a group that goes out and evaluates blogs on a number of criteria and then assigns a rating to each blog, somewhere between zero and ten; with zero being awful and ten being fantastic.

I’m not changing what I write on my blog, but since submitting my blog, I have made a few minor changes, like adding an “About Me” page to my site, and clean-up a few things here and there. I still need to reorganize my right side, but that I figure won’t hurt me too badly as it currently stands.

Take a look at my “About Me” page, and, if you want, please make suggestions on how to make it better, plus, if you can, make suggestions for other really cool old entries that I should add to the favorites list.

4 comments to Minor Changes Ahead

  • B.

    I like your about me page, it covers a lot of ground. You seriously didn’t know you were gay until you were in your 20s? I was all over the map in my twenties… hell, I still am.

    I can’t imagine ever submitting my site for evaluation. It would start with “oh my god, she gave her husband porn of his mom for valentine’s day” and end with “ellipses are for the lazy and feeble minded”. heh

  • @B: It’s not quite as black and white as I paint it on the About Me page — if i had the words to describe it, I could have labeled myself as early as fourth grade when I wanted to see other boys naked. In fifth grade I distinctly remember having a crush on a friend–however, I lacked the vocabulary to label myself and understand myself until much later.

    In the fall of 1992 I started to more clearly understand the labels and in the spring of 1993 I could have easily applied the label to myself, in particular to an arch-conservative republican politician. However I held off doing it; although at least once or twice before I was 22 I admitted to others that I was gay, but I never actually dealt with it, per say, until the summer of 1996 — that was the summer I coped with myself. My summer job was ideal for this because I worked alone and it allowed a great deal of time for introspection.

  • J

    Glad to see you’ve taken the plunge too. I’ve started a much needed clean-up of my blog and had actually written a post similar to this (it’s saved as a draft but will be posted soon) and started an ‘about me’ section right after I submitted.

  • The About Me page was the only thing I had to really think about and add. I know my template is bland, but its main virtue is that it loads quickly.

    I might change the banner though since the current banner has been up for quite awhile.