August 2007



I’m playing the 24 Hour Game right now.

In exactly 24 hours from now, I will be waiting in an airport terminal, waiting for my connecting flight to board so that I can be on my way to Armenia, for the second time.

This is going to be a short trip: five nights away from home; four nights in Armenia; three days in the country side, two friends, and one awesome experiences.

Oh yes, and did I mention the Il-86?

Last time I went to Armenia, I was able to fly on the Tupolev Tu-154M, a Soviet era aircraft that closely resembles the old 727. This time I am going to fly on the Ilyushin Il-86, another Soviet era aircraft—but this one more closely resembling a DC-10, but instead of a tri-jet, it’s a quad-jet with all the engines under the wings.

This is, in an odd way, rather exciting. The IL-86 is not a particularly fuel efficient aircraft and is being phased out of use, so this might be my only opportunity to fly this particular beast.

My trip is going to be brief, and I expect to post once or twice while away; if not, see you Monday.

5 comments to Il-86

  • what do you mean? you are going to spend one day, 24 hours waiting at an airport? oh my, and i thought my 12 hours overnight stay at the swedish airport was no fun…well i hope you have something to read and internet connection.

  • hahaha, i just re – read your blog entry again…nevermind me, how can i even imagine, that someone waits 24 hours at an airport, without stepping outside of it??? anyway, have fun traveling.

  • Anki, the longest connection I’ve ever had was 22 hours, but I set it up that way intentionally, in order to see Paris. This connection is only four hours–in Amsterdam that would be enough to leave the airport and do something. In Moscow, I would probably exit customs and then have to turn around and come right back in–otherwise I would miss the connection and be screwed.

  • 4 hours is enough to leave an airport and do something? Wow, you better know exactly what is in the immediate vicinity of the airport!

  • The more you know about a place the more you can do–four hours in Amsterdam is enough to have lunch in the city center. Four hours in Paris is enough to miss your flight. Four hours in Moscow is enough to go through immigration and customs, then turn around and start the process in reverse 🙂

    Four Hours in Frankfurt is also a long time…