September 2007


It’s Cool Out

The weather here in Weimar has really been fall-like this week and I have shifted into baking mode.

Yesterday I made two loaves of bread—which did not turn out that well, but suffice for snacking.

Today I was more adventurous, pulling out the self-imported white chocolate chips along side the self-imported brown-sugar and made White Chocolate Chip Cookies. If I do say so myself, these might be the best cookies I have ever made: the moisture levels were just right, the flavoring perfect, and baked to perfection.

I only burned a few cookies—on the last tray when they stayed in the oven an extra minute or two—I ate the mistakes.

If you were here, I’d share… in fact the cookies below are for the Weimar Office Barista who lives three blocks from me…

White Chocolate Chip Cookies

4 comments to It’s Cool Out

  • disenchanted

    Looks yummy! Now I am inspired to make scones tonight.

  • Ed

    OMG! and he cooks too!
    My favortie Poet is James Whitcomb Riley…The Hoosier Poet. He wrote a lot of Autumnal prose. One of my favs:

    What mystery is it? The morning as rare as the Indian summer may bring! a tang in the frost and a spice in the air that no city poet can sing! The crimson and amber and gold of the leaves as they loosen and flutter and fall in the path of the park, as it rustlingly weaves its way through the maples and under the eaves of the sparrows that chatter and call.
    What hint of delight is it tingles me through? what vague, indefinable joy? What yearning for something divine that I knew when a wayward and wood-roving boy? Ah-ha! and Oho! but I have it I say–Oh, the mystery brightens at last,–‘Tis the longing and zest of the far, far away, for a bountiful, old-fashioned dinner today, with the hale harvest-hands of the past.

  • oh my god, they are unbelievable delicious!
    and i have proof: the bag filled up with cookies is in fact now a bag not filled with cookies anymore. empty, all gone, eaten and inside my belly. so tasty! thank you adam!

  • @disenchanted: glad to know I inspire

    @ed: I am amazing.

    @Chicago: glad you liked them!