September 2007


Adjusting Sleep

My body is a remarkable thing—I’ve trained it to get up at 6:30, and by god, it gets up at 6:30. Even in Portugal, when 6:30 is locally 5:30 and its obscenely too early.

Today it let me sleep in an extra hour, which is still early for a weekend, but gives me time to reflect and write before breakfast and getting fully engaged in the day.

Yesterday, I booked a room for Portland. I’m staying at the Ace Hotel, what appears to be a hipster hotel with a really suave website and no online booking engine thus necessitating a phone call.

In describing the various types of rooms, the receptionist described rooms as “European Style” with shared bathrooms down the hall. Since he was using fancy terminology, I asked about “en-suite” rooms, a term which confounded him.

I also managed to waste a lovely afternoon in Lisbon. After working most of the day, I headed back to my hotel for a brief nap—I shut the curtain and fell asleep. When I woke up, I didn’t open the curtain, I started watching recommended television programs—and now I like Torchwood. I also have to try Arrested Development, and decide if I want to get emotionally involved in the third season of Prison Break.

Today’s agenda: the beach.

5 comments to Adjusting Sleep

  • Ed

    Maybe I’m a spoiled Princess but I would never stay in a Hotel with shared bathrooms down the hall.

  • @ed: I’ll do it, but only under unusual circumstances. I’m doing it in DC and NYC. It won’t be a problem in NYC; DC I hope it will not be either.

  • Reko

    It is true that Adam’s body is a remarkable thing

  • I think CQ’s body is a marvelous thing too, but when our host caught a glimpse of what would have been natural on the beach in Portugal, he went “aaaaaiiiiiiccccckkkkkk”.

    The way the Ace Hotel posts it’s phone number on their website is a tad annoying. It’s 503-228-2277… Sheesh!

  • @reko: thanks

    @cq: faux sophistication, eh?