October 2007



I know that I usually leave my house shortly after 7:30 each morning, but usually that follows a 10 or 10:30 bedtime. Last night I got to bed at midnight and I was out the door at 6:30 in order to get to the DuPont Circle Starbucks by 7, to make sure that there was a table for the meeting of 5 people.

Let me tell you, 6:30 is early. 7:30 still felt early, even though I was already half way through a Venti Pumpkin Spice Soy Latte—a kind of drink that one can only find at Starbucks, and probably only in America.

It was great.

So was the meeting—I managed to keep the meeting on the agenda and we went through it in record time, allowing us to finish with a spare 15 minutes that was productively used to discuss more ‘meta’ issues.

After that I was herded into a meeting, which I stayed at for awhile before having an impromptu discussion about an unpleasant problem—not so unpleasant for me, but potentially unpleasant for other people. I am glad that I only am tangentially involved with something that has the potential for needing legal advice.

Later I had lunch with a friend, did some shopping, and then grabbed a nap so that I could be functional during tonight’s dinner.

Tomorrow I’m off to The City.

5 comments to Frühmorgen

  • disenchanted

    Oh, UGH! You actually liked the pumpkin spice coffee? I though it was horrible, and I loves me all things pumpkiny.

  • Call me strange, but I liked it. It might be my only chance to experience an american “fall” season drink. It worked for me.

  • disenchanted

    Strange! {LOL}

  • Oooooh! The City, with caps… as in San Francisco? As in my home town? (OK, my home region…) As in (sigh) Golden Gate Park and the Palace of Fine Arts??

    Post pics, my friend! Jen and I need them!


  • @Carol – Alas, for you, “The City” in my lexicon means New York City — and i imagine, I will end up taking some photos along the way.