October 2007


Trip Notes

JFK Congestion: The only time I’ve flown out of JFK before, I did it in the mid-afternoon. On my way back to Europe this time, during a foggy early evening, the door shut and the pilot announced that at this hour of the day and with these weather conditions, we would spend an hour taxing around the airport before taking off. It was closer to an hour, and we were marginally late in arrival.

Presents for B: Assuming I do not forget or misplace it, I have a present for B of Eurotrippen. She’ll get it during November’s Whiney Ex-Pat Blogger Meet-Up in Dresden, unless I chance to see her before.

To Check Or Not: I occasionally have a debate with myself as I approach the check-in desk. On the one hand, checking in my luggage means that I don’t have to drag my suitcase everywhere and watch it constantly. On the other hand, not checking my luggage means I am out of the door quicker after landing. The later often wins: returning from the States this week, I was able to get home an hour earlier than if I had waited for my bag at baggage claim.

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  • Ah, New York air congestion. Glad to see it’s not limited to LaGuardia Airport.

    I think they need to get Continental to move their hub from Newark to some other place, of course that would necessitate an infrastructure improvement elsewhere.

    I was reading yesterday that 1/3 of the nations air traffic goes through, in, near, or over New York airspace. This makes me believe the longterm solution to this issue is making New York a destination and not a hub. Only way to do that is to get Continental and JetBlue to cease hub operations in that area.

    I hear Pittsburgh is available. US Airways has made it a microhub instead of a full-fledged hub as it used to be.

    Chicago also has these issues.

  • Wow, I’m impressed that you can travel back from the US with only carry-on luggage. I’m usually about half an ounce away from the luggage weight limit!

  • I’m so with you on that one. Pittsburgh might be insulted, though, that you don’t view it more as Hub than as the ultiimate Destination.

  • @cq: Alas, the reason continental’s hub is successful is because it is at the US’s #1 O&D Market. Moving it wouldn’t help CO; On the other hand their reliever hub at CLE is being expanded which in a decade might help EWR relax a bit.

    @ChristinaG: I force myself to use a small suitcase. Anything that requires check-in purely because of dimensions is forbidden. Investing in underwear and socks that can be washed in hotel sinks has been a wise investment, as has careful shirt usage and reusage.

    @MollyB: I hear great things about Pittsburgh, but I’m not sure what’s there besides the Steelers.

  • B.

    A present! You spoil me… looking forward to seeing you at the blogger event, if not sooner.

    For now we’re off to Salzburg.