October 2007


Zwiebel Season

It’s that time of year, here in Weimar—you can smell it coming.

Zwiebelmarkt is this weekend, and I can already taste the Zwiebelkuchen.

This weekend is about the only time of year that Weimar seems to forget its Goethe and Schiller heritage and moves full force onto something else: Onions.

As I passed through the city center today, I noticed the tattle-tail signs of the event: market stalls have been numbered on the cobblestone streets and stores are indicated longer, extended hours for this upcoming weekend. Soon, the odor will be unmistakable: onions everywhere—Onion Cake, Onion Dolls, and Onion Decorations, to name a few of the more obvious products that will be for sale this weekend.

It’s kind of peculiar watching Weimar’s Goethe obsession transform into an Onion Festival. The embracing of Onions is every bit as enthusiastic and sincere as the Goethe embracing that goes on the rest of the year. It’s almost as if people need the Onion Market to provide them a break from the otherwise relentless Goethe obsession.

Seriously, by next Wednesday it will be like the onion market never happened and the town will be back to its full time Goethe driven economy.

Meanwhile, I’m having a small party this weekend—doing the Onion Market thing with friends, followed by a movie night. If you’re in the neighborhood, please drop by.

3 comments to Zwiebel Season

  • I think I’d like those smells better than the wetdog/cornsilk/burnt-baked-potato fumes I get on my bikeride to work everyday. I have to ride right past a sugar beet refinery across from the port area. My smells last from mid-summer to … I don’t know, whenever they run out of sugar beets for the year. I could do a week of onion.

  • “Goethe driven economy”….I laughed out loud!

  • @cliff: you do have a good point, most of the time Weimar smells rather netural… other than the freshly cooked Thüringen Bratwurst.

    @CN: Weimar’s population swells during the day as people come to visit Goethe’s Haus, Goethe’s Garten Haus, Goethe und Schiller Denkmal, etc… at night this city is very quiet and the Goethe Café is closed.