October 2007


Clean House & Cheap Tixs

Zwiebelmakrt is in full force—yesterday I walked through downtown Weimar, weaving my way through the stands as I went to and from the Weimar Office. I didn’t bother to try to visit Jena because of the train strike, plus I had to take care of some business in Weimar that I had both put off and forgotten about.

This morning I stayed at home. Because I am hosting a little movie night party tonight, I had to clean. It’s not that I am a dirty person, but left to my own devices, I sometimes let things go: piles of paper stack up, waiting to be put in the recycling box, books make their way from one room to another, but not back, and coats end up on the floor next to my bed instead of hanging on the coat rack.

Everything isn’t back to where it belongs, but most stuff is. The house is, shall we say, presentable.

Thursday night I had a horrible case of insomnia. I woke up at something like 3, and then spent the next two or so hours surfing the next, comparing plane ticket prices for December’s jaunt to Denver. The prices were not making me very happy, but I went back and forth trying varying combinations of dates and airlines, including a trip to Mexico, or not, before deciding it was just going to be an expensive trip—at least US$1,100 just for the trip to Denver and back.

And then suddenly one of the websites blinked. As far as I could tell, the ticket was supposed to be about 700€, but it priced out, on the final “pay here” screen at 466€–a mere US$661.

Naturally I paid.

Now I need to pick up my ticket for New Year’s Eve in Mexico.

7 comments to Clean House & Cheap Tixs

  • J

    Do tell us what website it was.

  • It was the European Representative Airline’s website for a red-tailed airline in the USA. I’d rather not put the specific letters down yet… just in case.

  • Thanks for the tip – I’d just decided to shop for my next tickets rather than sitting on the fence about going or not then getting everything last-minute.

    Have a fun evening!

  • Reko

    Senor Adam, be careful in Mexico–especially if you end up going to Tijuana. Take along lots of bottled water and condoms.

  • Can you also give me the site as well?

    Talking about movie night parties, I miss those! Since I usually hold those kind of parties while I am in Bergen. I can’t wait to get back

  • I’m glad you scored relatively inexpensive tickets. 🙂

    Now let’s hope they don’t F*** with your seat assignments. I purchased tickets recently and managed to get myself a nice seat on the exit row for my red-eye back to the east.

    Naturally, the airline decided to screw with it. I’m angry. What’s the point of letting customers pick their seats if you’re just going to steal it from them and place them in the worst center seat in the cabin?

    I also picked seats based on how much connection time I have. I tried to get forward in the cabin because I have a tight connection and the airline was nice and put me in the rear of the plane.

    Thanks guys! Perhaps this particular airline can paraphrase its 1980’s advertising slogan to, “we love to inconvenience our customers, and it shows!”

  • @mollyB: My main tip is to shop early but not necessarily buy early. I bought because every indicator I’d seen told me the ticket should cost at least $1,000 — so to see it for $661 was a major price break.

    @Reko: I am not going to Tijuana.

    @chase: I can’t predict flights to Manila, but I ultimately bought my ticket at an airline whose dominate color is blue, and acts as the European representative for an airline whose tail is red.

    @cq: I know which airline you speak of. As far as I know, if your ticket is more than a month or so out, their schedules change a lot, so does the equipment. Each time the equipment changes or the schedule changes, seat assignments are lost and you have to start from scratch. It’s a common complaint. Personally I wouldn’t worry too much–most airlines (including, i thought the one you’re flying) don’t let you pick exit rows in advance unless you are an elite frequent flier member.