October 2007


N-Word News on ONN

Warning: NSFW

Use Of ‘N-Word’ May End Porn Star’s Career

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  • Sheesh, not this crap again. I’m getting sick of our nanny state.

    “oh, I’m so offended…”

    Dear nanny state public:

    The constitution says nothing about people not being able to offend you. Get over it!

    And my rants last spring about this subject vs. using the “F” word to describe gays was that if we’re going to be offended, then be offended equally. Don’t pick and choose what to be irate about.

  • Bud

    OMG! Is THIS real? I can hardly believe that it is. LOLOL I especially love the end picture about Bush ….

  • @cq: This is Satire, you do realize that, right?

    @Bud. The Onion does great satire. I loved this!

  • Once I realized it was Onion News Network I realized it was satire. I initially saw you link at work, but didn’t click on it there.

    It was amusing. 🙂

    P.S. I got your phone call but couldn’t take it as I was at the doctors office at the time. I had my phone on silent to respect the quiet space.

  • Ignaz

    that says alot about US society

    she cant be a racist cause she was fucking with him
    racists hate other people to death=they dont have sex with them

    u should put more attention to ur government transforming into a terror country

    one LITTLE example:
    afganian lived in germany for over 10 years, had family then he wanted to visit his homeland
    he was kidnapped by US intelligence service(shame for the word intelligent!)
    he was kept 4 years and tortured during this time
    he came free after german government reacted(one of about 5 known cases only in germany)