October 2007


Time Flies

It’s hard to believe, but in a week I will be in Weimar.

Ok, that was a bit of a tease, but in just over a week, I won’t be here—off on another one of my adventures to the New World: Hoosierland and Oregon. While I realize I was last in Hoosierland quite recently, the last time I was in Oregon was a bit longer ago. I believe it was in spring 2000 when I flew out to Oregon to see a friend who lived and worked in Tillamook County. I was able to spend a couple nights in Portland—an extremely awesome and livable city. I’m looking forward to my return trip: 3 nights—although on the last night I must get up at 4am in order to get to the airport and a flight back to Europe.

Meanwhile, I’m in Weimar.

This afternoon and evening is a laundry crush. Due to slightly poor planning on my part, the maid is coming tomorrow and I abhor the thought of paying her to do laundry when I can do it whilst working. It takes a long time to wash and dry one load of laundry, and attempting to wash the second load of wash while the first is still in the dryer is a recipe for tripping the circuit breaker.

One of the more amusing aspects of life in Germany is the labor unions. The one for the train drivers (American: Engineers) wants its members to get an enormous raise. Not surprisingly their employer, Die Bahn, is resistant to the idea. Consequently there are strikes—but the strikes are preannounced and are limited to only regional trains in areas like Weimar, and suburban commuter rail in major cities like Berlin and Frankfurt. The last strike was last Thursday. After the strike it was announced no more strikes until at least Tuesday; this evening we’re informed the next strike starts Thursday morning at 2am and will last until 8am on Friday: enough to destroy service Thurday and really mess up service Friday morning.

I do believe I’ll be staying in Weimar those days.

It’s actually quite nice to be here, without traveling. Even if it only for a week.

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