October 2007


Rox ‘n Sox

Tomorrow evening (well, late night for me), the Colorado Rockies will take to the field for the first time, hoping to win the World Series.

Anybody who knows me knows that I am not an athlete. At best I am an athletic supporter. The kind that likes to sit in the stands and watch attractive men run up and down a court or swing a bat on a field.

Baseball is typically my favorite sport, with its relaxed pace.

However, I’m not really an active sport fan—I know that the Rockies exist, but for most of the year, I never really followed the standings that closely. They’re too far away both physically and temporally for me to get excited. So it was quite surprising and nice when I realized that the Rockies were storming through the playoffs and on into the World Series.

I’ve been a fan since the team first existed—spring 1993 when the team played its first games at Mile High Stadium while I was a freshman at the University of Wyoming. During the summer of 1995 I worked at Coors Field on the club level for the food service.

My favorite Rockies memory involves a Sunday morning a couple years later. I woke up one fine Sunday morning at the University of Wyoming, listening to Wyoming Public Radio. It was habitual. This Sunday morning, a fellow listener had donated tickets to that day’s game to the station, and they went to the first person to call in and make a donation. I donated and was on the road to Denver less than 30 minutes later.

The seats were excellent, and for the first time in my life, I was glad I had procrastinated and not supported a public broadcasting station during the regularly scheduled begging drive.

Meanwhile the game tomorrow night starts at 6, Denver Time, which amounts to 2am in Weimar. Oddly, that is the precise moment that the train drivers go on strike here in Germany. I’ll be sleeping through both events—although I am rooting for the Rox’s success. The Train Drivers, like the Sox, are too greedy for their own good.

3 comments to Rox ‘n Sox

  • Reko

    Baseball is BORING!!! Hockey players are typically the hottest athletes; unfortunately, their uniforms are not particularly revealing. My favourite sports to watch in order: (1) men’s diving; (2) men’s beach volleyball; (3) men’s soccer; (4) … OK, soccer was already a stretch.

  • @Reko: I thought you were hetero… but ok. What about wrestling?

  • Reko

    professional or real?