October 2007


It’s Dark, I say again!

I’ve probably talked about this before, but it really hit home today.

This morning, for the first time in awhile, it was actually light when I got up and went off to the office. It was nice to walk down the streets looking at the colorful trees and get on the train to my office (only to suffer a delay on my connecting train).

Despite the cool weather, I genuinely felt happy as I walked through the brisk air to the office. I was a little bit cold—but the weather is in one of those awkward spots: its too cool for my fall jacket and its too warm for my heavy winter jacket—so I ended up suffering and being a bit on the cold side this morning instead. I really need a more versatile jacket capable of coping with these not so cold but cool temperatures.

It was a busy day—I sped from Jena to Erfurt for a meeting, and then back to Weimar. I got home at 3, and then headed down to the Weimar Office for a coffee with a friend. Before getting to the coffee shop, I stopped by the bank for money, then went to the grocery store to buy presents for America: one can get a lot of chocolate for 30€.

Sitting in the coffee shop, waiting for my friend, I read a book—and between the time I sat down and the time I left—just over an hour passed—it got dark out.

It’s the downside of winter in the northern latitudes. It gets dark early and the nights are long—and will only get worse for the next two months. It’s moments like this that I think it would be nice to live along the equator with the consistent daylight year round; and then I remember that I actually like the cool weather since I have such a high body temperature.

2 comments to It’s Dark, I say again!

  • J

    I totally hate how early it gets dark at this time of the year. I’d rather have light later in the evenings than in the morning.

  • Since I need light to get up, I need it in the mornings, but I really want it in the evenings.