November 2007



Usually I disapprove of tagging: spray paint is hard to remove and usually it is unsightly—I say this even as I constantly scan Weimar looking for new graffiti by my favorite artist.

Today, however, I’ve been tagged by Cathy to present 7 “random facts about myself.” So here it goes:

  1. I had a dragon tooth grow in for one of my front teeth after my baby tooth came out. The dentist took x-rays and discovered I had a regular tooth growing in behind the dragon tooth, so I had surgery to remove the dragon tooth.
  2. If I buy a book I like, I’ll read it 5 times in the first week. The most recent book in this category: The God Box, which is enchanting, even though I’m not Christian and even though I’m not a big fan of the author’s other works.
  3. During my Portland Walking Tour, when we visited the Chinese herbal pharmacy I was the only person to laugh: everybody else, except the 14 year old boy, was horrified when we were shown the bottle of placenta. The 14 year old boy asked, “What is placenta?”, and the tour guide let his parents explain it to him.
  4. I used to adore For Better or For Worse; and it’s the only comic strip that I have kept reading since moving from the States. However, I’m finding the new “Flashback” format to be annoying and am on the verge of quitting, thus weaning myself off yet one more thing North American.
  5. I volunteered for the Clinton campaign in the summer of 1992 in Colorado, but since then, the most involved I’ve ever actually been is to work as an election judge—which I’ve done in Denver and in Bloomington.
  6. When I lived in Colorado and Wyoming, the thought of driving an hour or two for lunch didn’t bother me. Today I hate driving an hour. Of course, I didn’t actually get my drivers license until I was 20.
  7. The shortest I’ve ever owned an umbrella was 4 hours in The Netherlands. I bought it in Rotterdam, took the train to Amsterdam and then went shopping. I left it behind in a bookstore and was a kilometer away, on foot, before I realized what I’d done. I bought another new one.

I hereby tag the Cynical Queer, Snooker in Berlin, and that guy who’s “Living in the Woods.”

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3 comments to Tagged

  • I gave up For Better or For Worse already. I thought Liz/Anthony was soul-crushing enough…then the flashbacks sent me right over the edge. :/

  • Ed

    My favorite book of all time is The Education of Little Tree. It is about a young Cherokee boy growing up in the 1930’s with his Grand-parents. They live in the Tennessee Mountains. Little Tree learns about life and hardship and growing up. There is a movie version but it is not much like the book and very disappointing. I read this book at lest twice a year and have for the last 20 years. It is a touching story and I use several tissues as well as laugh to myself as they struggle to get by in the world of backwoods Tennessee.

  • @CN: Even though I know who Elizabeth is going to end up with, I want to see it actually played out. I also want to see how Grandpa does… Other than that, I’ve read all the flashbacks before. When I was a kid.

    @ed: I’ll look it up. My favorite book to read and reread is Red Sky at Morning by Richard Bradford. I usually read it 2 or 3 times a year, each time gaining new insight.