November 2007


Viva Snow

I saw my first snow of the year this morning.

It was moments before I was leaving that I looked out the window and realized that in dawn’s early light, snow was gently drifting down and dusting the leaves and cars with a fine coating of white snow.

Snow, when not coming down several meters at a time, can be quite pretty, and I found myself enjoying the scenery on the all too-short walk to the train station. Admittedly the view from inside the warm train was nicer.

I was whisked to Jena, where I got off the train, and made my way to the office, only to discover that I was the first person in the office. I warmed up the coffee machine, turned on my computer and tried to catch up with my email—failing, but only because I am trying desperately to finish off a miserable job that has taken far longer than necessary because it’s hard to work when crammed into 31” seat-pitch seats without electric sockets to plug into.

I need to finish the job soon—my goal is next Friday, and I think that it is within reach. Tomorrow I should easily finish one of the four parts that are directly under my control. Hopefully I can start and make a substantial way through one of the other three parts. My fingers are crossed—it should be a great day at the Weimar Office, inspite of the train strike.

At 5, I left the office to go meet with an assistant, drink a couple beers, and enjoy the evening. Clearly I have crossed some kind of line in the last 48 hours. Monday I crawled into bed at 8:30 and crashed: the light tells me it is late, and my body responds that way. However, last night Cathy came over, we watched some television and I stayed up until 11. Tonight, it’s already 9:30 and I am not ready to crash, instead I am watching music videos on NRJ Hits, drinking tea, and am generally mellow.

You can enjoy the same video that I enjoyed while writing this:

3 comments to Viva Snow

  • reko

    what a cute guy!

  • disenchanted

    Snow? ACK! NO! Keep it over there please. I haven’t even had a chance to rake my leaves yet.

  • @Reko: he is. and now you know why i didn’t want to watch random youtube videos of the Soviet anthem or O’Canada.

    @disenchanted: it was pretty here all day… snow falling, but not really sticking to paved surfaces.