November 2007


Yearning to…

One of the best things about my trip to Dresden was the fact that I went to the Think Pink dance party and had, fort he most part, a great time.

It put me in a dancing state-of-mind.

Unfortunately it’s a state-of-mind that cannot be resolved in Weimar, it requires travel. I even went so far to look at a weekend away in Leipzig—two separate weekends. Today I even peeked at the schedule for SO36 in Berlin.

However, I’ve reigned in my thoughts on the matter because these trips, although fun, basically mean that I am traveling continuously, and I do like my down-time. Staying in and watching Angel, or one of the myriad of other DVDs I have, along with a cup of hot tea and a biscuit (or two) is wonderfully relaxing—especially since I can fall directly into bed once I am tired of watching the movies or TV shows.

That said, although this is a mostly quiet weekend (save for a party tonight), next weekend I will be in Rotterdam—where the urge to dance will be greater—and with luck, the Gay Palace will be again open. According to their website, the court ruling is supposed to be handed down today, although the site has not yet been updated. I’m really hoping that it is open because it would really suck to be in Rotterdam and have nothing to do—save for the art house movie theater located 5 minutes from my hotel.

Between here and there, though, I have a couple train rides, and, presuming decent weather, a date with a famous city in Luxembourg.

2 comments to Yearning to…

  • Ed

    I hope you find a date in Luxembourg. Kiss him for me if he’s cute. I hear they sell used underwear thier too. CQ wants some to give to P.

  • @ed: Thanks for the wishes–alas I will only be there for an hour or two–visiting what is probably the most or second most famous city in the country. Even if it has a small population!