December 2007


Love Actually

As you might remember, I was in the Christmas spirit on Halloween. Without many of the trappings, I was in the Christmas Spirit – it helped that I was eating Lindt Christmas Chocolate.

Yet, Friday evening, as I wandered the Jena Christmas Market, I found myself annoyed with Christmas. The multiple booths selling Christmas-themed shit was depressing. People standing around drinking gluhwein and eating Christmas Bratwurst isn’t really my idea of a fantastic holiday—although maybe its because I am single with no prospects.

I guess that makes me a bit on the depressed side.

So I popped my copy of “Love Actually” in and hit play tonight—in the hopes that it will rescue my Christmas spirit. It’s playing as I write this.

Love Actually is one of my favorite movies—regardless of the season. The interlocked stories of companionship and togetherness for some reason warms my heart—even as it emphasizes couple-dom.

Whenever Billy Mack sings or appears I am reminded of B-Singers from America, like Phil Colins. In fact I am pretty sure Billy Mack is modeled after Phil Colins—only Billy Mack is funny and enjoyable to listen to.

My favorite parts of the movie are the beginning and ending—the scenes of greeting at London Heathrow Airport are awesome—and moving. Watching people hug and show joy at reuniting is beautiful and memorable. These parts are even more awesome when you realize that the scenes are real: the filmmakers trekked out to the airport and filmed real life welcomings—real life joy.

Even as the film warms my heart, the beginning and ending make me weepy happy.

5 comments to Love Actually

  • WOW! Love Actually! This is one of my favorite movies as well. My favorite part is when Colin Firth goes to the workplace of his Portuguese girlfriend to ask her in his crappy Portuguese if she will marry him… oh my!

    The second most is when Keira Knightly shows up at the art museum to beg for video of her at her wedding and finds that the artist has only shot video of her… none of his best friend. He walks out the door knowing that his love for her is exposed, the music starts… I completely feel for the guy. Heck, I’ve even tried Banoffee Pie based on the fact that she offered it to him (and hey, I highly recommend it).

    Perhaps we are both romantics at heart!

  • @Snooker: The first time I saw the movie i thought that character was gay, but then when his love is discovered, it was so raw, painful, and wonderful–all at the same time.

    On the Banoffee Pie front, did you make it or buy it?

  • Yeah, I got the gay thing from him too… but then he was playing the “I am in love, but I can’t tell anyone” thing… so I figure that is actually what I picked up on. If you remember, Lara Linney (?) sits down at the wedding and even asks him if he is in love with his best friend/gay. So it was out there, we weren’t too far off.

    As for the Banoffee Pie… hmm… saw it on a menu in Ireland once, and HAD to try it based on the movie. Then happened upon it again in Malta and enjoyed it immensely again. The waitress said it was quite easy to make, so not long after we got home, we whipped one up and it was lovely! We haven’t had one in a while, maybe it’s time.

  • @snooker: I’m curious now. I’ll have to find out how to make it once I am back in Weimar.

  • Hello, I found your site trying to figure out who the Bill Nighy character was modeled after. Phil Colins, eh, I’ll try to see if that gibes.

    Agreed, that real-life airport scene collage at the end really chokes me up, more each time I see it.

    Snooker’s scenes are primo of course, that moment when Keira Knightly realizes the guy is in love with her and she’s looking away from him, but more out of compassion than embarrassment, that is a singular movie moment. And later the way he handles it with the cue cards was very moving. Lesson learned: if conventional words don’t work, find another media, but somehow find a way.

    I liked every sub-story, each one had their charm. I’m still in love with Emma Thompson and not *only* because her *character* was in love with Joni Mitchell. Such a masterfully crafted tangle of stories.