December 2007


On the Road Again…

A Jet PlaneAnd this time it’s personal, although I will be working one or two days on projects whilst visiting the family in Colorado.

There’s something magical about flying—I adore the feeling of getting on the plane, stowing my luggage and then relaxing for a couple of hours: reading The Economist, listening to some podcasts, and taking a nap. Suddenly it’s over and one is in another place, far away and enjoying a foreign culture, like the United States.

Really the least pleasant part of the trip are the queues at security—it’s not so bad in Europe, save for the fact that I will have to go through security twice in Frankfurt. What I like least about security is in America when the guards, instead of speaking to you politely and nicely shout at everybody: Take Your Shoes Off. Take Your Laptop Out Of The Bag.

I know to do it – but when I’m not standing at the table where the suitcase and briefcase line up to go through the machine, it’s pointless to yell at me.

Before going through security I try to get in a Zen-like mode of thinking: there’s no point in getting excited or upset; I just take off my belt (lots of metal in it), and think happy thoughts—it’s only security and it will be over soon-ish.

Talk to you on the other side of the pond.

3 comments to On the Road Again…

  • I still remember my first, well second, post 9/11 trip through airport “security”. I was leaving San Francisco to return to conservative hell and the McDonald’s order taker security guard stuck his hand down the front of my pants, without warning.

    Normally a guy will buy me a drink first if he wants to get to know me *that* well.

  • The phrase, “McDonald’s order taker” should have a strikeout through it. It was there in the preview, so I don’t know what happened. *shrugs*

  • Ed

    Maybe I should get one of those security jobs. Hey, they might be hiding a weapon in there! Maybe even up the backside too. 😉