December 2007


Dreaming of a White…

My initial days in Colorado were picture perfect and free of snow. It stayed that way for my trip up to Ft. Collins where I had a generally good time.

Christmas morning we awoke to snow falling—probably a total of 10 inches by the time the day came to an end, and after one day free of snow, it is again snowing today, with another inch or two already on the ground.

I am so ready for Mexico.

Having hinted at it before, it’s time to confirm it: I am spending New Year’s Eve in Mexico, enjoying the arrival of 2008 at the home of tequila and mariachi music. I am sure that Jul would appreciate this vacation—what with her (current) home town’s obsession with mariachi music on the trams.

It should be a splendid fantastic time, time spent with two friends some place warm—something I cannot say about Denver, nor about Germany.

By the time I return to Denver, January 3rd, it is strange to say, the caucuses in Iowa will be over and candidates for president will either be celebrating or miserable—or both. The primaries are happening too early this year. I suspect by the time the actual elections come around next fall, I will be sick of them. I already know how I am voting for President and Congressman; and presumably my vote for US Senate will be an easy decision. I’m ready and willing to cast my ballot today—signing my name in ink.

Meanwhile, I popped down to Perk Hill, the neighborhood coffee shop. I’d hoped to visit the gay (formerly) Diedrich’s, but the thought of cleaning snow off of my father’s car and driving across Denver was too much for me. The 20 minute walk was more comforting.

And gosh, this entry is really scatter brained, so I will close it now.

With one last thought: I am not bringing my laptop to Mexico. This means I will probably not be checking my comments, email, or anything else until after I return to the Mile High City—so Happy New Year.

See you next year.

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