January 2008


Los Tres Gringos Gays

Guadalajara HottiesSo, I am back from my trip to México, and since I did not explicitly state where I went before (México is a big country), it is time to reveal actual destination.


I went with my two amigos, Jay and Murph—arriving separately in México’s second largest city last Saturday. I was supposed to arrive on Friday—but I would rather not mare my blog entry with bitching about a major airline.

Due to the fowl-up, I arrived at my hotel at 08:00 Saturday to discover that my room at the inn had been given away, so I was left homeless for four hours until there was a room for me to occupy. I killed time by sleep walking around the city. I went south, past an enormous Wal-Mart, and then returned north toward the historic district in the center of the city in order to pick up some pesos, which were exchanged for my dollars at a rate of 10.7 pesos for a buck.

After that, I still had an hour to kill, so I wandered into the Plaza de la Liberación—where I made eye contact with my first cute Mexican. I was just wandering aimlessly and there he was, staring back at me.

¡Me gustan los chavos mexicanos!

I lost him after a brief moment of time as I was busy taking photos. I decided to wander behind the Teatro Degollado, and I sat down on a lovely bench in the shade—thinking about how nice it would be to go back to the hotel, take a shower, and sleep.

But wait, there were these guys looking at me. Could it be? Would Senator Craig be at home in this space? Wait… yes, those guys are cruising me, and that guy is being picked up by that other guy…

Now I am the first to admit, I am usually completely and totally oblivious to cruising grounds—I am even oblivious to guys who are interested in me unless it is incredibly blatant. However this was obvious and I, as usual, found the situation both amusing and intriguing. I would have happily spent time with one or two of the guys in the area—and then I nodded off for a split second—shower/bed/sleep—wait, cute guys!


I was a good boy—have no fear, I wasn’t going to follow the guy whose belt read “U SUCK” anywhere—I was going back to the hotel.

I spent the afternoon sleeping, and then wandering around other parts of the city, waiting for Jay and Murph to arrive from their home. They arrived at 8pm, and because they were tired from traveling all day and I was suffering, pathetically, a vague form of jetlag, we decided on checking out the easy gay option first, the bar located right next to our hotel: Sexy’s.

kissing gameWe arrived at about 10 only to discover the front room was empty—they encouraged us to go into the backroom, which turned out to be a dance floor surrounded by tables. We were led to a table and ordered drinks. We were the only native English speakers in the room and everybody stared at us. I felt like I was back in Armenia or Swaziland—the object of curiosity. Halfway through my second beer, Jay asked me if I was ready to dance: I needed to finish the beer, only then there was a show—so I ordered a third, and after the show was over, we danced.

There were multiple hot guys in the club—three of whom who attracted my attention. One was too perfect, and I was never going to get anything with him. The second, a guy wearing a black wife beater, kept toasting his drink to me while I was on the dance floor. At the same time, he was holding hands with a girl. The third, was a cute guy wearing a light blue sweatshirt. He seemed to have a thing for gringos—he saw me on the dance floor and he practically wet his pants. Then he went straight to Jay and Murph and dirty danced with them. He also did briefly with me before vanishing.

He then materialized in the bathroom with me and desperately wanted my attention, but he was a smoker, and I was needed water since I was suddenly dehydrated and overheating. Nothing happened, and a little bit later, we headed back to the hotel and fell into bed, exhausted. It had been a fantastic evening.

Sunday evening, we checked out a bar recommended by Lonely Planet, La Prisciliana. It was a nice, quiet, mellow bar and we sat overlooking the street, relaxing. Being a Sunday, the day before New Year’s Eve, we called it quits pretty early, only to return there Monday night before heading to a club. It was Monday night that we met the owner of the bar, who came over and introduced himself to us. We enjoyed his company and bar so much, that we also returned to the bar again on our last night in Guadalajara: it’s a nice mellow place where you can sit, talk, and look at a ton of hot guys.

He was the first of two bar owners we met in Guadalajara—both of whom made amusing stories to tell about visiting the United States and Europe. Suffice it to say, both Americans and Europeans are ignorant of Méxican history and culture in a disturbing fashion.

After spending a whole lot more time than planned at the bar, we headed across the street to Los Caudillos for the actual New Year’s Eve celebration, where we stayed for a couple hours. It had a happening dance floor with a lot of people, but one serious problem: it was way too loud for the space. I was there for two and a half hours and I still felt deaf the following afternoon. I’m used to the deafness factor after being in dance clubs, but this was a bit too much—although we returned there a second time, I would probably not actively choose to go there again—it would be the choice only if the other clubs in town were closed or not particularly active.

ChivasTuesday evening we hung out at two other bars. First was Chivas, which was not particularly exciting, although it did have a couple of really hot guys. We spent about an hour there before wandering around Guadalajara for an hour.

When nature called we returned to the bar across the street, which I believe is named Cantina Ti@s. It was a smaller gay bar and we were the only gringos in the bar—the owner promptly came over and introduced himself to us. Although we didn’t realize it when we entered, we soon discovered that we were in the middle of what Jay believes was the breakup of the waiter from another guy hanging out in the bar. The bartender bought Jay a glass of wine, and pretty soon the music got really dancy and he dragged us out, one at a time to dance with us. We were the center of the attention pretty quickly with the bartender, waiter, and three other customers taking a strong interest in us.


Somehow I ended up with the bartender—a very cute number who forced me (willingly) to dance for quite a long time. The bar’s owner was a bit concerned that we might have been the unwilling unwitting excessive center of attention in his bar.

We didn’t care.

Street PerformanceBoth bar owners agreed that Guadalajara is an incredibly gay friendly city—and that it’s tolerated and accepted to be gay in Guadalajara; something that might not be true elsewhere in the city. When I picked the hotel I managed to pick a perfectly fantastic hotel that was within easy walking distance of a number of gay bars and clubs.

Suffice it to say, I had a really fantastic time and I would happily go back to Guadalajara to explore more of it: it’s a large city, it’s gay friendly, and it never really got cold while we were there.

More next time—the non-gay stuff, that is.

Meanwhile I am going to dream of the Mexican men who made our trip so fabulous.

¡Hasta pronto!

10 comments to Los Tres Gringos Gays

  • You’re such a flirt!

    Also, I’m not sure what you meant about this comment, “We were the only native English speakers in the room and everybody stared at us. I felt like I was back in Armenia or Swaziland—the object of curiosity…”

    I never felt particularly stared at in in Swaziland (except at the petrol station in Pigg’s Peak). Maybe my ignorance was bliss and it was more “dangerous” than I thought to be there?

  • disenchanted

    It sounds like you had a fab time! I am so looking forward to my trip to Mexico in March. W00t!

  • Reko

    I’m glad that you had a good time, Adamo! It is also good that you are back in Denver, if only for a couple of days. Too bad that you’re not going to swing by Bloomington on the way back to the Land of the Germans.

  • @cq: The characterization of being stared at in Swaziland was perfectly true at the grocery store in Swaziland–I was stared at. However being stared at did not equate to danger–I rarely feel like being stared at equates to danger. I was just the only white guy in the store…

    @disenchanted: I hope you have as fantastic a time in México as Jay, Murph, and I did!

    @Reko: I too am sad that I am not going to Indiana, but I cannot go everywhere every time. At some point it is nice just to “be”.

  • J

    I don’t suppose you actually did some sightseeing (around the city, if I need to be specific), did you?

  • @J: We did, but I haven’t had time to write up that part of the trip… it’s coming either Monday or Tuesday.

  • B.

    Ok, best blog title EVER!!

  • Jeffrey

    First visit to your site and I like it! You mentioned that you liked your Guadalajara hotel: is it’s name a secret?

  • @B: Danke… 🙂

    @Jeffrey: Ooops, I thought i had written the name of the hotel. We were at the Hotel San Francisco Plaza. It has pretty decent reviews on Trip Advisor, but be warned that the reservation system is non-functional. If you’re planning on showing up after 4pm, it might be better to book somewhere else, as they don’t care when you arrive or when you leave.

  • Jeffrey

    Thanks for the hotel name…it’s the one that I’ve seen mentioned in various places but it’s good to get a recent “review” on it.