January 2008


There, Yet Not

I just had a trip to Amsterdam in which I visited the lovely city, yet I didn’t see a single thing.

Seriously; and here is my schedule—which deviated slightly from what I planned because my flight to Frankfurt arrived 3 hours late, which put me into Amsterdam four hours late.

Wednesday, January 9:
17:30 Arrive Amsterdam Centraal Station, take tram to hotel
17:45 Arrive Hotel
17:50 Take Shower
18:30 Check email
19:00 Meet Friend for dinner
20:30 Return to hotel to change to go out to Prik
20:35 See Bed
20:40 Chat online for a bit
21:15 Asleep

Thursday, January 10:
01:30 Wake, Blog about Tequila
02:15 Sleep Again
07:45 Wake to Alarm
07:55 Shower
08:30 Find Breakfast
09:00 Think about sleep
10:30 Meeting
11:15 Think about sleep
11:55 Get picked up for trip to Den Haag
23:00 Return to Amsterdam and hotel (it’s raining)
23:30 Email, think about going out (it’s raining)

Friday, January 11:
00:15 Sleep (it’s raining)
02:55 Wake
03:20 Sleep
06:15 Alarm
07:05 Breakfast
07:25 Checkout
07:35 Taxi to Amsterdam Centraal Station (it’s raining)
08:04 Train departs to Germany

Honestly, other than the walk from the tram to the hotel and from the hotel to the restaurant Wednesday night, I didn’t see Amsterdam at all on this trip. It’s been too fast and, thanks to the jetlag, all work—pleasurable work, but nevertheless, work.

I thought about either staying a couple extra hours this morning or spending an extra night in Amsterdam, but four extra hours in the morning in Amsterdam are pointless and an extra night in Amsterdam is expensive, so I opted to head home—home to my own bed, washing machine, and shower.

There are no plans to go anywhere for awhile.

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