January 2008


Odd Space

For some reason, despite zooming ahead and getting a lot squared away, I am suddenly feeling sluggish; stuck in low gear, or something.

I woke this morning at 6:30—and it was a struggle to get out of bed; last night I’d had trouble falling asleep, something I suspect to do with the fact that I’d spent a surprising amount of time over the weekend sleeping. Friday night I fell asleep at 6, woke at 9 for an hour, and then did not get out of bed until 10 or so Saturday morning. Saturday night I stayed up later, but didn’t get out of bed until 11 or so.

I’ll admit that some of that time in bed was spent reading a book, but it was still lying in bed luxuriating under the comfort of a fluffy duvet and a comfortable pillow.

Apparently I was really jetlagged.

Today I was überefficient is sorting through emails and backlogged projects—so I am feeling especially good about that stuff. Now, at 4:15, even though I am not going anywhere for a couple of hours (dinner plans), I am feeling sluggish and not like doing much.

Naturally I am blogging.

Speaking of odd spaces, I find that even though the Democrats Abroad primary is coming up (February 5 to 12, 2008), I am unable to really care about the primary candidates at this point. My favorite candidate, Bill Richardson, has dropped out leaving me a choice between gender-busting and race-busting.

Hillary, on the one hand, has experience, something I really value in a presidential candidate. I believe that she can take control the first day in office and make a real difference. Unfortunately she’s also hated by the opposition and could easily cause anti-Hillary voters to come out of the woodwork and elect another Republican.

Barack, on the other hand, is supposedly an inspiring speaker. I haven’t heard any of his speeches, but from what I read in the Economist, he’s incredibly good at motivating people and could easily get elected. Unfortunately he lacks experience—he’s been a US Senator for four years and as far as I can tell from the media reports, not actually accomplished anything—which means he is probably clueless when it comes to actually exercising power.

Hopefully Bill Richardson will be selected as the vice-presidential candidate—he’s got the resume to be president, it’s just unfortunate that he didn’t get the support in Iowa or New Hampshire.

At least the Republicans seem to be in an equally bad space. As long as Huckabee doesn’t win outright, but wins enough to cause problems, it could cause the Republicans a lot of problems in the fall campaign. Mitt Romney would probably be a decent president, but enough people are Mormon-phobic that it won’t happen. The rest of the candidates, especially including Rudy, alienate different parts of the public, each dooming them to lose vital segments of the vote.

I do know one thing: it is all happening way too early.

Candidates should still be stumping in Iowa, trying to show that they are competent individuals, not preparing for Super Tuesday.

4 comments to Odd Space

  • I read with great interest your posts about Mexico, as I lived there for nearly 4 years back in the late ’70s-early ’80s.

    As for the topic of THIS post, it has been fascinating to listen to various soundbytes by Obama. He’s got potential but I *REALLY* don’t like the way he is trying to capitalize on JFK and MLK’s speeches by imitating them. He is, by no stretch of the imagination, *NOT* anywhere near those two figures of history. He needs to be his OWN person, not a pale imitation of MLK’s “I have a dream” speech.

  • disenchanted

    I worry about Obama because he’s too naive about the war. Some of that is probably due to inexperience. That said, I prefer any of the top three Democrats to any of the Republicans. Huckabee is especially scary. Ack!

  • Ed

    I prefer to not say anything negative about Obama (and there is plenty to tell) but to say that when push comes to shove and the next President turns to Her/His advisor I want it to be someone with 8 years experience instead of Jesse jackson. ’nuff said.

  • @cameron: I want to explore more of Méxcio. I had a great time in Guadalajara. As for Obama: I’ve never heard him speak, I only hear that he can make magic. It’s sad to hear that its imitation magic.

    @disenchanted: Are any of the Republicans going to do the right thing?

    @ed: I doubt Jessie Jackson would do much with Barack. JJ’s days are in the 80s.