January 2008


Used Underwear Update

Used Underwear for SaleI have to admit, I was quite surprised to see used underwear for sale at Savers, a chain thrift shop in the United States.

While visiting Fort Collins, I popped into the store, just to look at shirts quickly, when I stumbled across the used underwear rack. I snapped a photo, rifled through, took a couple of deep whiffs, and did not take the opportunity to purchase any of the fine goods for sale.

I kind of forgot about my used underwear discovery until today, when I discovered the Undies Drawer blog which features lots and lots of updates about men’s (new) underwear. They have model shoot videos and news about obscure brands, as well as old advertising—including the gem below.

Meanwhile I am going to continue my search for used undies the next time I am in Berlin, which will be in a couple weeks. Personal business requires an overnight trip to the Capital City.

5 comments to Used Underwear Update

  • There’s a great Savers store in Tucson where James and I supplied ourselves with shirts for several years (I can’t think of the last time I bought a NEW shirt!) Savers stores generally seem to have the best selection of used clothes.

    But underwear? Hmmm. That’s where I draw the line I guess.

    That underwear commercial: LOL!!


  • Ed

    Translation of CQ’s comment: Yes, go to Berlin and find me a pair of smelly, ruanchy used Underwear. Please I want to wear them over my head.
    (I think that is what he said but I could be mistaken) Ed

  • @cameron: most of my shirts I have bought at thrift shops; the only new shirts I have are t-shirts that are special in some way (like my “Play Cornhole” t-shirt). My pants are usually new, and my underwear is always new, despite what I say on here.

    @cq: Sorry, I didn’t catch what you were saying… you want more?

    @ed: Thanks for the translation. That makes perfect sense.

  • A few years ago, the frat guys who lived nextdoor went down to Australia for a study abroad program, they moved out and left behind a whole basket of old, used clothings which included undies. They left it outside the house and I told them in the minute I saw their van pulling off.