January 2008


Mosh-Pit Punk-Out

Tonight I’m going to an art gallery opening here in Weimar.

It’s an exhibit at the ACC called “Barking Dogs United: Size Matterz”—and the only thing I know is that the first room of the exhibit has walls covered in US dollar bills. Five years ago, it would have been worth stealing, now it’s art.

After the opening, there’s a concert, and as I first read the email, I was under the distinct impression that there was going to be a mosh-pit, and I was excited. I’ve never thrown myself into a mosh-pit and on Tuesday I was in dire need of running into people and getting rid of some excessive aggression.

Then I re-read the information and realized that the band is named “Mosh Mosh” and that they play electro-glam music.

I had to admit my misreading of the flyer information to the guy I’m going with tonight: so vaguely embarrassing.

My record of never having been in a mosh-pit will continue, at least for now. However in mid-February I am heading up to Berlin to take care of some personal business. I’ve decided to make a long weekend of it, starting out by going to a Guts Pie Earshot concert.

I’ve never heard of Guts Pie Earshot, but it’s a chance to be surrounded by the one type of guy that makes my heart swoon without fail: punks with Mohawks.

While it’s vaguely embarrassing to admit to misreading the flyer, it’s really embarrassing to admit to going to one of these things: I don’t even know how to dress. I am not going to get a real Mohawk just for the one night, so I’ll probably look like the total outsider with a Faux-hawk—and after that, I’m clueless. Are Doc Martins still in? I have an older grey pair. I can wear blue jeans—with a black t-shirt? I don’t have any oversized plaid shirts to wear over it—and I don’t even know if that’s appropriate.

Does anybody have any punk-suggestions?

2 comments to Mosh-Pit Punk-Out

  • The wall was worth stealing and now it’s art? Now you know the reason I have not come to visit you in Germany.

  • Hallo dahling! Sorry if I wasnt able to drop around lately. I think to look a bit like punk is to wear like skinny jeans that looks abit washed off then some shirt that is just the right size or even smaller.