January 2008


Smooth Silk

I am lactose intolerant: Damn Lactose, Go To Hell!

In the States I drank Silk. Silk is a wonderful Soy-milk product, something that I drank like milk in December. I drank the vanilla version and it was perfect, a thirst quenching, soul satisfying experience.

It reminded me that here in Germany I can buy Alpro Soya, the European equivalent of Soy-milk, also in vanilla.

Unfortunately, it’s not perfect: it’s like drinking vanilla pudding—sure it goes ok with cookies, but once the cookies are done and the Soy milk is drunk, I have to have a glass of water to wash it all down. I’m also a bit concerned that the name is awfully close to Alpo.

I guess it’s something from America I wish I could have here in Germany. Unfortunately it’s too heavy and too liquid to easily bring with, so I am doomed to suffering through Alpro.

5 comments to Smooth Silk

  • Being also lactose intolerant, I don’t drink milk here either. I think you’re right in that the vanilla Alpro is a tad strong, and I can’t even contemplate the banana flavored one.

    However, I’ve been able to find non-vanilla Alpro as well as another brand of rice milk–specifically in all of the bios and even the larger mainstream supermarkets. Perhaps you can make a request locally to order as the stuff does exist elsewhere in DE (finally!).

  • koko

    i like silk milk….i prefer plain for my cereal though because the vanilla over powers my cereal flavors.

    i’m just plain allergic to milk. boooo.

  • Jul

    The best milk-like-drink I’ve found in Munich so far is the BioBio brand of soy and rice milk at Plus. But I only ever have it in coffee and cereal, not to drink straight, so it might not be all that good that way. At least it stands up to heat – the first brand of soymilk I tried here did not respond well to hot coffee.

  • @heather: I’ll have to look for the non Alpro brands. I will also give the nonflavored alpro another chance… i just remember being distinctly unimpressed the last time I tried drinking it–it didn’t taste good at all.

    @koko: I don’t eat cereals any more, but if I did, I imagine the plain silk would probably be best. Silk Vanilla though leaves a great flabor when its done.

    @Jul: I think there’s a plus within walking distance of where I live. I’ll have to go over and try the BioBio brand. Thanks for the tip!

  • P

    OMG. I luuuuv Silk. I used to drink it all the time in the Philippines and, when I was still trying to lose weight, I’d blend it in with Designer Whey! Sehr gut!

    Speaking of Bio at Plus: Just this afternoon, I tried their carrot juice. HORRIBLE.