January 2008


The Replacement(s)

Here’s a place where American banking services are better: credit cards.

It was on 11 January that my bank, the VR Bank Weimar eG, sent me the letter informing me that my credit card details were stolen and that my card would be frozen, that I should destroy my old card, and that a new one would be coming shortly.

Chica and I confirmed this in person on Thursday the 17th.

Two weeks after the letter was sent to me, I still do not have the replacement credit card and it really is inconvenient. In America, they would have sent me the new one within 24 hours; getting it to me as rapidly as possible—even express mailing it to me should I need it that quickly.

I didn’t need it that rapidly, I could go a week—or two—without a credit card, but now two weeks are up and I need it and I am annoyed.

On the upside, Thursday I got a request from a different credit card company for some minor supporting documents that will, hopefully, help me get a new primary credit card, maybe even before the VR Bank Weimar eG finally gets around to getting me my new piece of plastic.

I might note that the new bank’s request came less than a week after I mailed in my application, so they obviously have impressively quick service, something that I am starting to realize that the VR Bank Weimar eG might not specialize in.

6 comments to The Replacement(s)

  • Oh that is indeed annoying. In Norway it only takes days to get a new card but still 24 hours to get a new card is really great!

  • disenchanted

    How annoying! My crazy neighbor down the street is having a problem getting a replacement credit card because — the post office never fixed her forwarding address! She’s been without her card for six weeks now and has made a ton of trips to the post office to complain.

  • @chase: it’s amazing what cultural differences you do not expect, but then suddenly discover. When do you return to Europe?

    @disenchanted: The post office messing up?! Shocking…

  • u still haven’t gotten the new card? wow, they are being very slow! must be that bank. ususally it doesn’t take that long.

    sorry for that.

  • chica: Where do you bank? If I don’t get it soon, it might be worth the hassle of opening an account at a different bank. I am very annoyed.

  • sparkasse! and i have only good things to say about them.
    if u need my help, let me know. i could use taking a walk, since my body is already the same shape as my desk- chair.
    (alomst over)