January 2008


Nacktkultur Natürlich

I’m not one for this kind of fun, but thanks to CQ, I now know that for 500 €uros—a mere drop in the bucket, I can fly from the nearby Flughafen Erfurt to the Baltic Sea for a day trip on 5 July.

Passengers on the flight will be nude—dressed until boarding, and then shuck off the clothes and plop your ass down on a “leather” seat that you’ll stick to for the hour long flight. The plane has 50 seats (meaning either a Canadaire or and EMB-145), so your nakedness will get to rub right up against your neighbor—and with my luck I’d get an older Ossi Oma with tits down to her knees and typical East German Colored Crimson hair.

I’m also willing to be the cutest man on the plane will be the overly embarrassed young male flight attendant—who will keep his clothes on.

8 comments to Nacktkultur Natürlich

  • A c’mon, where’s that sense of adventure? If you get a ticket, you can turn left after boarding, drop your drawers and ask the captain if he wants to try out your joystick. 🙂

  • Hey, it’s on July 5th. What better way to celebrate American independence (albeit a day late) than to shuck your clothes for a liberating flight experience?

  • reko

    I would think that the seat belts might be uncomfortable, and this is no time to be spilling hot coffee on the passengers’ laps. If someone on the window needs to get up to go to the bathroom, will they make the passenger on the aisle get up or just try to cross over him or her?

  • Ed

    Ewww!maybe if it was an all male flight it wouldn’t be too bad but not all of us look pretty naked. If the beach is any indication those who should never bare it all will be the ones sitting next to you. What if it is skyjacked to an Arab country and everyone caned for being nude? Do they clean the plane with Lysol and germ killer between flights? So glad I don’t fly.

  • IUMike

    I think it was David Sedaris who observed that the kinds of people who visit nudist colonies are the ones who you would least like to see naked.

  • @ian: Sure the pilot can try out my joystick… but as somebody who flies a lot, I’d be worried he would be too interested in my joystick during take off and landing (and by take off I mean when the plane leaves the ground).

    @cq: Only in America… except this is in Germany.

    @reko: All significant problems… I’m sure you wouldn’t mind being crawled over.

    @ed: I doubt the plane would have enough fuel to go anywhere where nudity on a plane results in being caned… besides that, the passengers will have nowhere to hide weapons… at least weapons that could be used to hijack the plane. As for cleaning: I don’t know. Lots of planes aren’t very clean, which is probably the second reason that I would not fly nude. The first being safety in the event of a crash: I want to be clothed, as much as possible, in cotton from head to toe.

    @IUMike: That sounds like Sedaris, and it is oh so true…

  • Samee

    Nothing better than extremely pale or extremely oversunned Erfurtians (you know what I really mean) naked on a plane.

    I think it’s great. I wonder if the nuts will be salted?

  • @samee: naked and sunburned on a plane for an hour–that will be painful.

    actually, the real question is will any nuts be assaulted!