February 2008


Die Bahn

Today, in the name of efficiency, I took a train ride all the way west to Eisenach. I had a quick stay in the city; about five minutes as I changed trains and returned right back to Weimar.

It amazes me each time that the train system in Germany works the vast majority of the […]

Before Nifty

It’s hard for me to imagine what the world was like before two critical events: Stonewall and the Internet.

Stonewall was the most critical moment in the gay rights movement in the twentieth century, the moment when the drag queens of New York City told the police that the harassment had to end and that […]

Before and After

Graffiti on the Kassa, a club located near the Jena West train station.

FBI Mistake

‘FBI fugitive’ is innocent German

Things I Read…

It’s time for one of my occasional updates about things I am reading on the net.

Last time I revealed some things about the other blogs I was reading, I let it slip that I was reading a porn star’s blog—an incredibly self-centered shallow porn-star. Out of the three gay porn star blogs I am […]

Another Level: Space!

Saturday night was a big night for me.

After a couple months of having nothing to do locally on the weekends, beyond watching my own movies, this past Saturday night I had TWO parties to attend. One was a housewarming party in Jena, and the other was “Gays In Space” at Weimar’s Kunst Turm.

As […]

Summer February Day

Today was incredibly nice, especially for February.

Wish you were here!


Innocence Shattered

There comes a point in everyone’s upbringing when they realize some truths about the world around them—and that often these truths are rather unpleasant.

The first time I can remember this happening to me was back at Park Hill Elementary School in Denver, Colorado. As is with traditional with American elementary education, it was a […]

Schleckt Kunst

I am often intimidated by the art world when confronted with artists, so it was with a fair amount of trepidation Wednesday evening when I headed to the ACC-Weimar for a lecture by Ondrej Brody, a self-proclaimed “neo-Dadaist” Czech “artist” with No Nickname Guy and Chica.

He’s partners with (presumably in a platonic fashion) Rio-based […]

Ten Years On

Ten years ago I was still living in Laramie, Wyoming, and only tentatively sticking my head outside the closet door (Yes CQ; I know what you want to say, but let’s stick with my internal narrative).

In that era I couldn’t imagine myself going out and dancing anywhere-the idea of drinking and dancing was beyond […]