February 2008


Travel Plannin’

The Miserable Dienstleistung of my German Bank has forced my hand on a number of fronts—like curbing my wanderlust this weekend.

I now know that it takes only 3 weeks before my urge to go kicks in and I want to go, but thanks to the Miserable Dienstleistung, I’ve had to use my American card for a plane ticket, and I don’t want to use it again—there’s only so much cash in America and moving money around is a pain in the arse.

And yes, there is the EC (US: Debit/Maestro) Card, but when I travel I tend to have multiple lines of defense: Cash, EC Card, German Credit Card, and, in the case of dire emergencies, my American Credit Card. Since the last is off-limits, and the Miserable Dienstleistung has resulted in no German Credit Card, I am down to two lines of defense, one too few.

Meanwhile I spent the first part of my evening making future travel plans: A room reserved in the City of Lights, and an apartment reserved in Berlin for my mid-February trip.

The Berlin trip is so that I can renew my passport; my current one is slowly closing in on expiration and is starting to fall apart from over use.

I was going to make a quick run to Leipzig and the G-Garage tonight, but my friend is out of town and I wanted to go with him; we’re going to go next Friday instead. It’s not actually that heart breaking because it’s windy, cold, and rainy here, and walking around is not a great deal of fun.

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