February 2008


Queer Niche

Letters Home is currently one of the best German expat blogs out there; and he recently flattered me.

Ian in Hamburg said I was going for a niche, particularly the “gay expatriate” corner of the blogging world.

Strange because I’ve felt that my blog’s readership would be greater if I picked one thing to focus on: gay or expatriate.

I feel like my material vacillates wildly between so many random subjects that one cannot really get a handle on what I write about easily. In January I wrote about topics as varied as my time in Guadalajara (Gay, Cultural, Tequila), an airline/airport listing, VR Bank Weimar’s Miserable Dienstleistung, the German Language, as well as a few posts about gay things.

There’s no consistency in my writings and I suspect some of what I write about (say Basshunter liking to use his penis) turns off a large number of potential readers—yet it’s what I write about and what comes out of my finger tips.

Currently I have been on a gay sweep—or at least a sex-like sweep of some kind; neglecting the expatriate side of life—something I am sure that will, ultimately, return. However I can forecast that there’s going to be at least one more gay post this week: a big one on Friday that is a result of my recent discovery that a somewhat unserious post about Weimar’s gay cruising scene is currently the number 2 result when searching German Google for “Gay Weimar”!! I also have a post about vintage gay porn that I bought in Portland—it’s getting closer to being written.

I also have a satire about the train ride from Wemiar to Jena brewing—it will probably be ready by the end of the month.

Underwear Update: It is with no sense of irony in a post where I wonder if people are turned off by random penile posts when I have to say I have a new favorite underwear brand name: Dirty Fukker.

Credit Card Update: I got my credit card statement. Miserable Dienstleistung means that inside the statement offers for discounts at six different retailers were inside. Nicely in order to get the discounts one needs to use a MasterCard; the same MasterCard that I don’t have: Dirty Fuckers.

6 comments to Queer Niche

  • Well, seems we have a mutual admiration club going on here! Thanks, Adam.

  • J

    Lately I do feel that your blog has been favouring the ‘gay’ side of your life, but that’s no problem because it is your life and that what blogs are about. Even though those posts might not interest me, they definitely won’t stop me from coming back.

  • koko

    you know adam, i never knew you were gay 😉

    also it seem like once a year or so you have a blog post about how you cannot say you write a certain flavor of blog. neato!

  • I think your blog is nice the way it is with a mix of different flavours. Since in that way we know more about you other than being a queer of course. You are indeed a person with substance!

  • I applaud diversity in your subject matter. As a gay American citizen living in Canada, I know I would have a hard time limiting my blog to either “gay” or “Canada”. 🙂

  • @ian: Mutual Admiration Societies are the best!

    @J: The circle continues

    @koko: You’re taking care of my husband for me. And I am predictable… nice.

    @chase: Me with substance?!

    @Jerry: There’s a lot to be said for being diverse 🙂