February 2008


Leipzig on Friday Night

  • I’m not the only person who thinks that the New Orleans American Bar is weird. I took No Nickname Guy to the bar last night in Leipzig—he too was stunned by the juxtaposition of the Confederate Flag with the Gay Pride flag (never mind the leather and bear pride flags inside).
  • Could somebody please tell me where on the G-Garage website it say that the club is closed for renovation?
  • No Nickname Guy and I are killjoys. We ended up going to Cocks, a cruising bar. The first hour we hung out in the porn theater critiquing the performance of the guys on screen (we agreed: American porn is boring) whilst simultaneously discouraging the men who were actually cruising for sex from hanging out in the porn theater. The second hour we spent hanging out watching guys go in and out of the six individual porno watching booths (with connecting glory holes). It was funny watching the crowd go wild over the hottest guy in the bar when he popped into one of the booths; the adjacent booths were already occupied.
  • German police need better training, even if they do look gorgeous in their green riot uniforms (and the blue ones too). No Nickname Guy and I were let into the west entrance hall of the train station because we had tickets; once inside one of the inside officers strongly discouraged us from using this entrance. The one inside was right, the one outside should have directed us to a different entrance.

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  • I think my ignorance about German trains is showing. Why wasn’t it a good idea to enter the train station where you did if you had a ticket?

  • @CQ: Ooops. I accidentally glossed over that part of the story as I was trying to keep the blog entry short.

    The Leipzig train station is an enormous one way station (trains must reverse direction)—I believe that it was (is?) the largest train station in Germany. There are four entrances to the station, two on the sides and two in front. The ones on the side were closed, but the two in front were open. Each of the two front entrances has very large halls that you walk through to then walk up some stairs to the actual platforms.

    The primary front entrance is the one to the west hall. Saturday morning at 4 it was filled with obnoxious people who were being closely watched over by the German Police. If I had to guess, I would guess that these were fans of a visiting football team waiting to catch a train home.

    Let’s just say they were drunk, noisy, and one would probably not want to hang out with them. (Drunk German football fans are far more annoying and obnoxious than drunk frat-boy fans in the States. The German fans, however, are far less annoying and obnoxious than the football hooligans in Britain.)

    The officers outside the west entrance let us through, only to have the front line of officers inside suggest that it wouldn’t be a good idea for us to go through the west hall. The officers outside should have taken one look at us and told us to use the east entrance. We had to figure this out for ourselves. The east entrance was quiet and safe—a few football fans and a few officers, but it was not chaotic.

  • I get a kick out of the moniker “No Nickname Guy”, which is sort of a nickname in itself! 😉