February 2008


Ten Years On

Ten years ago I was still living in Laramie, Wyoming, and only tentatively sticking my head outside the closet door (Yes CQ; I know what you want to say, but let’s stick with my internal narrative).

In that era I couldn’t imagine myself going out and dancing anywhere-the idea of drinking and dancing was beyond my capabilities. It was enough to imagine a day when I would be out.

I don’t often to pause and reflect upon this—I know that when I am out dancing, as I was with Snooker and No Nickname Guy Saturday, I am both stunned and amazed. Stunned that such young men are out; and amazed at how far I’ve come: dancing, clubbing, and staying up past midnight 3 am.

On so many levels my life is so much better today than it was when I was living back in Laramie, mainly in that I am willing to go out and explore my world. I’ve been to the Hustlaball, I’ve gone to Armenia, and the southern most point of Africa.

All things I was once incapable of imagining.


5 comments to Ten Years On

  • i am surprised to not find a post about your yesterdays art-experience here.

  • Just to get it out of my system… I knew.

    I think as each of us gets a few miles on the old chassis, we start realizing we have done things that none of us could ever have imagined. Could I have dreamed of going to Swaziland during those cold winter nights in Laramie? No. I didn’t even know Swaziland existed at that point.

    I got my first passport while living in Laramie and had intended to use it to go to Germany. At the time, Germany seemed like it was the other side of the world. Now that I’ve traveled a bit, a trip to Europe is no longer daunting… at least until I see the exchange rate.

    I feel lucky to live in a place where I can scrape up enough money to jet off to the other side of the world. Especially since I know that most people on the planet will likely never leave their own country, or even village.

  • Annie

    I’m happy that you are out! 🙂

    Have another fun weekend. Annie

  • @chica: errr… i was thinking about it, but I wanted to let it rest a bit longer. If/when it comes, it won’t be pretty.

    @CQ: Every so often I think about history and how lucky I am that I am not living in an era when crossing the ocean was a once in a life time event, and only in one direction.

    @Annie: I hope you have a fabulous weekend as well!

  • Adam it takes a lot of courage to come out of the closet, and I’m very happy that you did. The gay world is a better place with you in it… … and remember to dance like nobody’s watchin’!

    Come out come out whoever you are!!