March 2008



I suppose that most of you probably are not following the latest news from Armenia, but I have been.

After the recent election, which many claim to have been rigged, protests in the streets have turned violent—and when I saw a report that 8 people had died as a result, I was worried.

I am relieved to report that my pal from Yerevan is ok; although the university he attends has been closed because of the riots, he has managed to stay out of trouble.

Hopefully the same can be said for democracy in Armenia.

It’s so easy to forget how embedded it is in America and Western Europe.

4 comments to Relieved

  • I’ve been passively following the situation and thinking to myself that you are probably happy to be elsewhere at the moment.

    The problem with fledgling democracy is that most don’t truly understand the process, therefore the person they want should be assumed to be the winner, and if they don’t win, then the election was rigged.

    They have not yet figured out that democracy is majority rule. At least they are not Zimbabwe!

  • @cq: Based on my experiences in Armenia, I think it is pretty safe to assume that the announce results were nowhere near the actual results. The question is how different are the two–I suspect that in reality a runoff election would have been necessary.

  • Ed

    I saw a plane in Germany yesterday on the news. It was being tossed around by the wind and finally landed safely. The 131 passengers were relieved. I’d be surprised if you were not one of them aboard. You love to fly and it shows.

  • @ed: That was quite the video, it probably should never have been sent to land on that runway, and I am glad the plane was able to abort the landing safely.

    I was safe and sound on the ground in Weimar, Erfut, and Jena on Saturday…. I did experience the bad weather though.

    Next time on a plane for me: Sunday.