March 2008


Easter Saturday

I’m having a great weekend—despite the fact that it’s a long four day holiday weekend in Germany.

Grocery stores are closed on Friday, Sunday, and Monday in observance of Easter; stores are open today, and like many other people, I ventured out to stock up on the necessities—for a change of pace I went over to Aldi, which was packed. I picked up a number of basic ingredients for my weekend. I was joined by half of Weimar’s population in the store.

On a whim I tossed in an Autoatlas—with nice maps of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Benelux, and Denmark, plus good coverage of the western Czech Republic, as well as decent maps of the rest of Europe. It cost only 5,99€–and they were going faster than the hotcakes.

For some reason I have this urge to bake bread and in the back of my mind I specifically wanted to bake the No-Knead Bread recommended a couple years back by The New York Times’ Minimalist. It’s relatively straight forward: 3 cups of flour, a dash of salt, a smidgen of yeast, and some water—mix then wait 12 to 18 (or more) hours for it to rise, before punching down a bit, rising a bit more and tossing in the hour. This means that I should be enjoying fresh baked bread with lunch tomorrow—I mixed in some Rye flour in addition to regular flour.

I’m also doing some passive research about Turkey—It’s not set that I am going to go to the wedding yet, but the odds are pretty good. If I go I want to buy a Turkish Carpet—something that I can carry with me, so it will need to be small, and I will need to negotiate. Sadly I am bad at the negotiation side, so I’m hoping I can get some help. It’d also be nice to get some tips where to buy a carpet in Istanbul.

Actually any travel tips for Turkey would be welcome.

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