April 2008


Cell(ar) Visit

Below the ground floor apartments in my building, there is a cellar with lots of little locked off areas, including one associated with my flat. I keep bottles of water, empty boxes, and store things in that room—maybe stopping by once every three or four weeks.

Today was one such visit.

I was taking down […]

Outta the House!

When I’m sick, I really don’t get out much.

Since last Friday evening when I felt the onset of my illness, the furthest I got was the grocery store, Saturday afternoon when I felt well enough to get out of the house for about 40 minutes.

Beyond that, I’ve stayed in my flat ether sleeping, […]

Strange Dreams

The cold came back with a vengeance last night.

Strangely it resulted in strange dreams, the kinds of dreams that were exhausting. I woke up every hour the entire night, wanting a break from the dreams. I wish I could tell you about the dreams, but my dreams are fleeting and I’ve forgotten the content, […]



I had a mild warning yesterday when I woke up that I might be sick: a minor sore throat that went away shortly after waking up.

By the evening it was back, and it knocked my socks off: I was in bed at 9, where I have spent most of my time since. I woke […]

Weimar Love

One of my colleagues recently announced that he and his family are going to move to Weimar.

Curiously this announcement caused somebody to tell him that Weimar was the worst place one could possibly chose to live because, get this, there aren’t very many bars in Weimar. He should know: he’s been to all of […]

Catching Up

I returned to Weimar on Monday—it was a long and uneventful, for the most part. The only exception being the 10 minute pause somewhere just inside Germany where the train stopped because there was a man on the tracks.

A few minutes later we passed two police officers escorting a man out of the woods […]

Self Help!

The photo below the fold might be considered NSFW in America. However I did take the photo on the streets of Rotterdam where it is in full view of everybody, including kids.

New Dutch Stuff

The Netherlands was my first European country.

It is also the country that I’ve visited the most, other than Germany, where I am living. Most of my trips follow a predictable pattern: I stay in Rotterdam, travel over to Dordrecht, dance at the Gay Palace, and eat at the same places. There are minor variations, […]

Individually OK, Collectively…

I had what I can only describe as a really great Saturday.

Individually all three components of my Saturday were great and fun, but collectively, I’m going to bed a lot earlier than I expected (3 am). Oddly though, my early (relatively speaking) bedtime can only help me on Sunday.

This morning I caught the […]