April 2008


Boy Meets Hero

I bought several books while in Berlin—including the newly released hardbound comic book, Boy Meets Hero.

It’s a comic book about a closeted gay superhero and his boyfriend—and it’s actually rather endearing. I’ve linked to the comic’s website from my homepage for awhile now because I liked the story. It’s a simple tale of romance, overcoming adversity, and being a superhero.

It’s almost as if it were scripted for Queer as Folk, but its not.

Drawn by a gay couple in New Mexico, Boy Meets Hero is the latest of my web-loves to make the leap from ether to paper, and, now that I think about it, the first one that I’ve blogged about.

The Amateur Gourmet wrote a charming book about shopping, eating, and cooking that I like, while the New York Hack wrote a book that was, at best, disappointing—some how she lost it when making the transition from blog entries to book chapters. Randomly, all of the books I’ve bought based off of websites I love, have been written by queers, and I had no idea the New York Hack was a lesbian until it came up in her book.

I don’t want to spoil the story for anybody who didn’t read the series whilst it was online, so I’m going to refrain from talking about that, instead I want to say that it’s better than it was before. The colors are more vibrate and the story seems to be more detailed than it was before, as far as I can remember. The online version has been taken off in order to encourage book sales, a tactic that worked quite well with me.

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