April 2008


On My Shelf

Recently Snooker asked me what was on my shelf—so after my energetic cleaning efforts of the past week, I have an answer.

Three, actually.

By The Bed

Bedside Books

Ok, strictly speaking this isn’t by my bed, but opposite the foot of my bed—these are the books that are currently at home. Most of my books I keep at the office and I rotate them to and from the house, depending upon what reading mood I am in. Right now eight of the books fall squarely into the gay fiction category, including one that I have struggled to read. There’s one kids gay novel, a gay vampire book, and two gay comic books. The other books are travel centric or other fiction.

On top are my daily toiletries and travel supplies: cologne, razors, passports, sun burn cream, and a present given to me by the swimming cow—but I won’t tell you exactly what it is here

Office Art

Art Display

Lots of white space on this one, but I’m too lazy to crop.

As I travel, I buy trinkets and art, and here is where I put most of it on display. Lisbon, New Orleans, Blarney, London, Madrid, Nürnberg, and more are all represented. Even Weimar is represented with the only thing I’ve ever found that adequately captures the insanity that is this city.

Books, Books, Books

Pleasure Books

Lots of books here: top left section is devoted to travel, top right is a mix of German stuff, kids stuff, and loosely related travel. Going down the left side, the next three shelves are devoted to gay materials—fiction and nonfiction. On the third shelf there are a couple of Wyoming related books. The three shelves on the right have cookbooks, some thinking/non-fiction books, followed by some fiction. The lowest shelf on the right has part of my Harry Potter collection—the rest have been borrowed by a friend.

Here’s another interesting shelf; and I tag no one, but if you take some photos and post them, let me know in the comments.

7 comments to On My Shelf

  • You could eliminate all that white space by painting the walls an interesting color, but I imagine that the landlord wouldn’t allow it.

  • IUMike

    In your top picture, do you actually have “Dogs Playing Poker” hanging above your bookshelf? Say it ain’t so!

  • Good call IUMike! I think it IS “Dogs Playing Poker”!

    You have a few travel books, eh? 🙂

    Please tell me about the bottle of Schwip Schwap (or however you spell it) in the middle picture.

    And the Tinky Winky… priceless!

  • Ed

    I have a shaving brush similar to yours in the top photo. It has real Boars Bristles and an ivory handle. It was passed sown from my Grandfather to my dad then to me but I don’t use it since shaving cream in a can was invented.

  • cb

    You ever feel like picking up “Oh the Places You’ll Go” and giving it a good shake while screaming “You LIED to me!!!”

  • G

    I’ve posted your shelf over at my blog. Thanks for playing. I am starting to feel like an underachiever- as soon as I get another Buchregal from Ikea, I’ll need to add some more photos!

  • @Cameron: that white space is very high on the wall, and it’s my office. The offices aren’t completely uniform, but style does dictate what color filing cabinent one gets, if you want one. If you order the wrong color, six weeks later they will tell you they didn’t order it for you afterall.

    @IUMike: Ok, so I felt bad about not cropping my office art picture. I should have cropped the home books… It is what it is, but I didn’t put it there.

    @Snooker… Schwip Schwap was (is?) a drink that was for sale at a supermarket when I moved to Germany. It tasted awful, but I loved the name, so I never returned the bottle for its deposit. I put it on display instead.

    @ed: I bought my shaving brush for a couple Euros–I’ve used it 3 times I think, but its too hard to take on the road. I use non-canned shaving cream when I travel because I can get it in sizes less than 100ml. My life is ruled by the 100ml rule–no hair product for me since!

    @cb: When I find myself in Brussels, I definately curse the book.

    @G: Thanks for adding me! I actually try not to buy that many books, but I fail for the most part. Books are heavy!