April 2008


Individually OK, Collectively…

I had what I can only describe as a really great Saturday.

Individually all three components of my Saturday were great and fun, but collectively, I’m going to bed a lot earlier than I expected (3 am). Oddly though, my early (relatively speaking) bedtime can only help me on Sunday.

This morning I caught the 10:13 Sprinter from Rotterdam Centraal out to Hoek van Holland Strand. Strand is the Dutch word for beach, and I was at the beach to enjoy the North Sea, even if it was blustery out with a temperature inappropriate for enjoying the beach. I wasn’t the only person walking the beach. It ended up being a very peaceful and wonderful day. I was at the beach for about five hours with my iPod plugged in and being alone sitting on the sand dunes that help keep The Netherlands dry.

From the beach, I headed right back to Rotterdam and then off to the suburbs where I had a dinner appointment—perhaps a bit early at 6, but my hosts were graciously accommodating of my needs. It was really great visiting them, and they showed me their model railroad which had the addition of two American boxcars: one from the Santa Fe and one from the Union Pacific Railroad.

I skipped out at 9, returned to my hotel, got cleaned up, and then relaxed for about an hour watching the BBC Comedy Map of Britain, before heading out to go dancing at the Gay Palace. It was my first visit since their closure and reopening last year—and I recognized two people: the excellent DJ and the bartender who wanted me at one point.

Unfortunately I should have taken a disco nap, because at 2:30 I hit the wall, even with Barbie singing. Returning to my hotel, I needed to unwind briefly (hence this blog entry) before hitting the sack. My alarm is going off at 10—so that I can make it to Amsterdam by 12:30.

I have more plans for tomorrow.

The days are just packed.

5 comments to Individually OK, Collectively…

  • Did you wear the elementary school wall clock on your wrist when you went out? I’m sure the bartender wanted you for something other than the size of your watch. 🙂

  • I’ll be headed to Amsterdam in July. Do you have any “must see” hits to offer?

  • @Snooker: I found Amsterdam fascinating for about 4-hours, then I felt I had seen it all.

    Once you’ve seen the airport, a red light, a canal, a car being fished out of a canal, the sidewalk urinals, and the Anne Frank house, you’ve pretty much seen it all. 🙂

  • @cq: i haven’t got a clue where to buy a big watch, and the hotel’s big clock is watched by the clerk. Too hard to steal.

    @Snooker: One could spend a week there and not see everything worth seeing. There are a couple good touristy things, and then there are a lot of nontouristy things that are great. CQ got the short short tour!

  • I digress, that is true. I got the short tour and I nearly said as much in my comment to give it some perspective. *shrugs*

    I think I’d like to go back one day when I can give an appropriate amount of time to explore the other things than those to be seen on the short tour.