April 2008


Cell(ar) Visit

Below the ground floor apartments in my building, there is a cellar with lots of little locked off areas, including one associated with my flat. I keep bottles of water, empty boxes, and store things in that room—maybe stopping by once every three or four weeks.

Today was one such visit.

I was taking down some empty boxes that I had previously stored in the (unused) dining room, as well as an empty case of water that didn’t need to take up space in the pantry for one day longer. The boxes from the dining room had lived there because I was sure (actually I still am sure) that the second they stop being near the equipment that came in them, the equipment will break and I will only have to go and retrieve the boxes—the equipment has been around for six or seven months now and I am going to stop worrying.

Knock on wood.

Of course, given the news from Austria, visiting the cellar is risky business: one might just end up locked away for a few years, with all the world passing by just a few meters away, but one unable to escape or see daylight.

It’s a little bit freaky.

A good friend, the heterosexual from Bloomington, is about to go off for his annual jaunt to Austria, and I was warning him to be careful during his trip—that I want to see him again, and I want him to see daylight again. He promised me that he would always keep his cell phone with him, so that he could call out if he were trapped in a cellar. However, given how well buildings are built, I am fairly certain that cellars are one place that cell phones (or Handys) would reliably not work.

While putting the boxes away, I realized that the cellar in my building is bigger than I thought, I walked down a hallway I’d never poked my head down before and saw that, in fact, a portion of the cellar is blocked off, hiding something—with pipes going in.

I’ll presume it’s just utilities.

Something to think about.

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  • Ed

    A taste of Bloomington:
    New Spring menu at Restaurant Tallent. Sweet Pea Agnolotti with morels, ramps, and sweet peas in a Parmesan broth.

    Asparagus with Capriole Julianna, Newsome’s ham, truffled egg and 25-year balsamic is filled with spring flavors.

    For entrees, grouper and halibut receive fresh new preparations, as do pork and elk loins. An Indiana duck breast with chickpea spaetzle, crispy confit and rhubarb compote is one of the new offerings.
    A vegetable risotto with spring vegetables, herbed goat cheese and red pepper marmalade is a new vegetarian offering.
    I thought a touch of Bloomington was in order, enjoy.

  • Isn’t that crap out of Austria weird? What are they doing to make these guys so crazy?

  • @ed: Thanks! I want Greek’s Pizza…

    @Snooker… very wierd. It must be in the water.