May 2008


New Graffiti

I noticed in the last week a new type of graffiti here in Weimar: Ceramic tiles.

The three that I’ve found (and I am now looking) are displayed below—it’s impressive to me. I think it’s probably easier and safer for the artists because they get to make it in advance, somewhere private, before placing it high on the wall—the amount of time to put it on the wall cannot be that great.

There have to be more examples—if I find them, I’ll post more pictures.

Biker Warning

Two Faces

Funk 25

4 comments to New Graffiti

  • disenchanted

    Hey, those are kinda’ cool.

  • Zhu

    It is quite artistic!

    I love European graffiti… when I was in France last month I took quite a few in picture and made a photoshop collage of them.

    Oh and … hi from a fellow expat! 😉

  • LB

    Cool – and impressive. I wonder also if they’re harder to paint/cement over or remove? I’ve just been writing about a Banksy piece in NY that lasted less than two months before it was cemented over for a new Popeyes to open….

  • @disenchanted: I think so too!

    @Zhu: I take photos of a lot of graffiti, but only stuff I like, or artists who stuff I generally like. A lot of it is just plain crap.

    @LB: I imagine its a paint to remove because it’s affixed to the building–I don’t know if you can remove it without damaging the surface of the building, unlike normal graffiti which can often be washed off or painted over.