May 2008


Lips Sealed

Ok, all it took was me writing that the black computer reboot thing had been fixed.

Let me assure it, it wasn’t and last night it totally screwed up my computer, to the point where I gave up trying to use it, and went to bed with only my imagination working. It’s scary out there.

The computer’s been rebuilt and the IT guy is hoping it was only a software problem and not an actual hardware problem, because if it’s a hardware problem, this blog entry might be the last one I write at home for a week or two.

Amusingly, on the way home, I met two Mormon missionaries, one from Oklahoma and one from Utah. They were fun to play with—and didn’t quite get the message that they shouldn’t try to sell me on Mormonism and/or God.

At least they didn’t react horribly when I told them that I was there worst nightmare: gay with two Jewish siblings. They were actually quite polite and when they asked me if I was married, I said I hadn’t met the right man yet, which led to a short question from them about whether or not men could get married in Europe or not.

We parted ways after about 5 minutes, and I left amused.

I forgot to tell them that my gay brother used to date a Mormon guy.

1 comment to Lips Sealed

  • Ed

    It is so much fun to play with those cute Mormon boys. Next time ask them where the Garden of Eden was and when they say in Missouri laugh in their faces. I like to ask them about the book of mormon and how it was given to Joseph smith by god and yet they have changed it several times over the years. I guess God made a mistake when he told them to exclude black people becaue in 1978 they decided to include them. I asked them if they knew about the movie “Latter Days” and one of them said he had heard about it. Women still can’t be Priests. Those boys have to sign up for a 2 year missionary term. They used to not be able to even call home but since the Movie made fun of them now they can but they still can’t go home or listen to music or watch a movie until the 2 years are up. They’ll never let Gays in because they believe that some time in the future all the Mormon men will have 100 wives and be given their own planet to repopulate. I like the line delivered by Jackie Bisset in the movie “Latter Days” when she said, “Your religion doesn’t allow alcohol or Gays? I can’t imagine heaven without both”.