May 2008


Blog Birthday

Four years with 1,493 blog entries and 4,420 comments.

I’ve certainly gone places and done things far beyond what I expected to do when I started. My deepest gratitude to all of you reading my blog; even more to those of you who have commented on it over the last four years. I hope you continue to find it interesting in the future.

In the next two months: Lisbon, New York, Turkey, Bavaria, Hoosier-land, and, of course, more Weimar.

7 comments to Blog Birthday

  • Congratulations on your 28 dog years of blogging. 🙂

  • Congratulations Adam!

    1,493… that’s a LOT of writing man!

  • Ed

    Wow! Congrats! That is over 1460 days of blogging. I for one have certainly enjoyed reading about other places, other lands. I’ll never experience them for myself. Thanks for sharing.
    Say, what is this Hoosier-land you speak of? Is it near Swaziland? It sounds like a great place to live. The people there are probably really nice. I heard they often drink Soy Milk. Again Thanks for the memories, Adam, and many more!

  • koko

    yay for visiting me 🙂

  • @cq: Thanks…

    @Snooker: one entry at a time, and it’s not so daunting.

    @Ed: Hoosierland is a place uncertain about its naming roots… They have really good French Toast there.

    @koko: I (heart) you…

  • Congratulations! Thanks for taking us along on your adventures, I always look forward to my “adam” time.

    Scott (Texas)

  • @Scott: Thanks! I enjoy your blog as well–and I would leave comments saying so, but you have them turned off. Keep up the good work.