May 2008


Unrelenting Sneezing!

It was just about a month ago that I got really sick. At the time I thought it was a cold, but others, quite rightly, pointed out to me that it was probably actually the flu.

Whenever I get that kind of sick, it usually takes me awhile to get over it. The last lingering effects bug me for a couple weeks whilst I finish getting back to normal. I’ll go through my German 4-layer packet of 10 tissues like there’s no tomorrow—making the makers of Tempo quite rich. However it tails off and I am back to normal in relatively short order.

Not this time.

Without realizing it, I’ve managed to go from being sick to being allergic. The replacement of being ill to reacting badly to something in the Thüringen environs has happened at a 1:1 rate without reprieve.

It’s annoying—and I have no idea what’s causing my problems. I have it in my flat with the windows and door shut. It’s in my office and as I walk down the street, in a wide variety of urban and suburban environments.

7 comments to Unrelenting Sneezing!

  • disenchanted

    Welcome to my world. We’ve had unusally high tree pollen here and I’ve been snotty and sneezy for a good two months. Ugh.

  • G

    Today I walked out of the S-Bahn at Savignyplatz and went from perfectly well to a sick headache and sneezing- some type of yellow tree pollen. It was awful. Took 30 minutes at home before I stopped coughing.Also, I keep on trying to have your site remember my info by checking the box and it never works: am I doing something wrong?

  • @disenchanted: So I take it you’re using a lot of tissue too?

    @G: I got some drugs at the Pharmacy today–Cetirizin HEXAL and one tablet seems to have done a pretty good job on me! Maybe you should stop by and ask your nearest druggist! As for the remember info, I don’t know… my computer remembers me, so perhaps it is a cookies setting in your browser. I have no other explanation :-/

  • Damon is having the same reaction to whatever it is! Really bad! Claritin seems to take the edge off. I usually get pretty bad allergies too but this mysterious thing that’s out now has been ok for me so far.

  • koko

    I feel for you. My allergist has me on a cocktail of allergy stuff. Seriously…7 different antihistamines that act on different receptors and or pathways. One is just for the day I get my allergy shot…which I’m not convinced helps stop the softball sized hives. Luckily you’ve always seemed to only have seasonal allergies. Year round allergies are worse. Thank god for epipens 🙂

    My suggestion…take a benedryl or two at night and a claratin or zyrtec. that would be your best otc option.

  • Hmm… perhaps it is time for a visit to the doctor? A simple test will show what you are allergic to and should give them more information. Then you go from there.

    … and, your site never remembers me either. Cookies are on all over the place, so I doubt that’s it. Who knows? It’s no big deal though, my autofill works lovely.

  • @CN: The drug I bought has been working wonders, and only 6,50€ for twenty pills. I haven only had a couple sneezing fits since starting it! Maybe that is a local option to consider.

    @Koko: when I’m in the States… I know what to do at CVS

    @Snooker: You’re probably right. But I leave Sunday and I realized it two days ago. This week has been incredibly busy so far… When I get back.

    The memorization thing is very odd… my firefox remembers me.