May 2008


Redundant Repetition

DB BahnNot too long ago there was an airline in Portugal—it’s name was “TAP Air Portugal”—a name which begged the question, “what does TAP stand for?” Something like, as it turns out, Transportes Aéreos Portugueses – so TAP Air Portugal was really Transport Air Portugal Air Portugal. Now that it’s TAP Portugal, its less bad—just somebody with an unusually bad stutter.

Back when I was at the University of Wyoming, the dorms would host “WOW Week” every fall—or for those who anally read the fine print, Week of Welcome Week.

Growing up I was fascinated to learn about Table Mesa, Colorado—for the multilingual minded, that’s Table Table, Colorado, where I want to one day open the Casa de la Maison House Restaurant where I’ll serve potatoes au gratin with cheese and Brownies a la Mode with Ice Cream, just to name two of my favorite items.

Seriously, redundancies amuse me.

So I’ve been laughing a lot these past few weeks as I’ve been witnessing the train company’s subtle rebranding—instead of being just DB, the company has put their new brand on practically every train door on their equipment.

DB Bahn

Welcome to Deutsche Bahn Bahn:

German Train Train

I suppose literally speaking it might actually be the German Way Way—but really who cares—it’s entered the realm of being highly amusing, as well as redundant.

6 comments to Redundant Repetition

  • I like scotch on the rocks with ice.

    BTW, TAP stands for Take Another Plane. 🙂

  • All this is making me think of is…

    Delta Delta Delta. Can we help ya, help ya, help ya!

  • It makes me think, “Deutsche bon-bon!”

  • koko

    my personal favorite is the “hot water heater”.

  • Ed

    We have an anuual 4th of July parade. On the banner it states, “4th of July parade, largest in Indiana, come join the fun, this July 4th!”

  • @ian: I need a scotch on the rocks with ice, just about…. now.

    @cq: back when SNL was worth watching.

    @john: that would be sweet.

    @koko: 🙂

    @ed: cute, but I’ve run into places that celebrate the fourth on the fifth, especially if the fourth is on a Sunday. Those signs are extra amusing to me.