June 2008


Small Town Pride

One of the main indicators of the success of gays and lesbians in organizing and in social acceptance has been the growth in the number of cities with gay pride celebrations in June. Gay pride festivals have been around for decades in most every large American city (Chicago is celebrating its 39th this year). But […]

Greetings from Michigan!

Hello all, I am IUMike, or just Mike, and will be guest blogging for Adam as he makes his trek back to Bloomington. I’ve known Adam for 10 years, since we were in graduate school together at Indiana University, but rather than travel the world like our host, I took the more conventional route of […]

Exhausting İstanbul

I’m having a great time in Istanbul.

Principally, I’m exhausted. The city begs for walking and exploring, and I’m doing both. It’s got hidden nooks and crannies, shops to explore, touts to ignore.

Today, Wednesday, is my last full day in Istanbul. Tomorrow morning I rise at some unspeakable hour and take the bus to […]

From +1 (212)… to +90 (212)…

It’s hard for me to believe that just a week ago I was in New York City, having meetings, working, and standing in line for pizza. Now I’m in Istanbul, exploring history, eating great food, and seeing beautiful buildings.

I’d rather not start listing everything I’m doing because listing it would be boring, and any […]

26° in İstanbul

According to Google’s weather service, it’s only 26° (79F), but it feels a whole hell of a lot warmer to me.

I spent today wandering aimlessly around the city, crossing to Asia, coming back to Europe, and looking at whatever was around me.

There was a lot to digest. It’s not a completely foreign culture […]

NYC or Berlin

NYC: Wake up, take shower, go to coffee shop. Drink coffee, work online, eat breakfast.

Berlin: Wake up, take shower, go to coffee shop. Discover it opens at 10.

I have no idea what time B-Cup opens. By 10, I had already had a Café Latte with soy milk and breakfast. I’d even come and […]

Coney Island & Cyclones

For years I’ve read about family fun out at Coney Island, yet I’ve never made the trek out there.

That changed yesterday when I headed out to see the Brooklyn Cyclones’ season opener.

At the conclusion of my meeting yesterday, in which I think progress was made on some important issues, I got my hair […]

Seen Tuesday Night

Antiseptic Sleeze: Gay New York Disappoints

Despite exhaustion I decided to check out another one of New York City’s famous gay bars, the View Bar, last night.

Monday is “Woof” night, where Daddies rule and Bud Light is only $2.

There were some positive reviews:

Max Scott’s bear party w/ DJs Joe X and Chauncey D cranking classics, plus porn star […]

Current View

B-Cup, Free WiFi, 13th Street and Avenue B. East Village, New York City.